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Best countertops for busy kitchens

soild surface countertops

Kitchen countertops are one of the most ignored parts of the kitchens –it bears daily wear and tear, it gets dirty, and it abides load and heat. Still kitchen owners don’t play attention over the maintenance and care of the kitchen countertops. Be it restaurant kitchen, be it bakery kitchen or be it restaurant kitchen, the countertop has its role to play in the kitchen. The role of kitchen countertop varies kitchen to kitchen. It is very much important to treat the countertop right to enjoy years of services.

Everything about kitchen countertop

In residential kitchens, countertop is integrated part. It provides the surface where people can do a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Preparing dough
  • Cutting fruits and vegetables
  • Putting hot pots and pans
  • Preparing meal

Since kitchen countertop is used for a variety of tasks, it gets damaged in several ways. The countertop remains under load, stress, heat and moisture. This is the reason why homeowners are recommended to purchase countertop which is not only beautiful but durable, scratch resistant, heat resistant and long lasting. It is not possible to find all these qualities in single countertop material, but some materials full fill this criterion. The most recommended countertop material for residential kitchens are:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Tile
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Soapstone
  • Glass

In commercial kitchens, countertops remain under constant pressure. More than one person uses the counter for different tasks at one time. The countertop is exposed to more heat, more load, more moisture and more scratches in the commercial kitchens. This is the reason why stronger countertops are recommended for the commercial kitchen, such as granite and quartz.

More about kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertop selection: Different kitchens have different requirements. The countertop material should be selected by analyzing the needs and requirements of the kitchens.

Kitchen countertop installation: No matter which countertop material you choose for your kitchen, the countertop should be installed properly.

Kitchen countertop cleaning: Kitchen countertops must be cleaned on the regular basis. Generally, countertops are easy to clean. You just need wet cloth to get rid of the food spills.

Kitchen countertop sealing: Some countertop materials are porous, hence they are required to be sealed. It is important to hire the countertop contractor and schedule the sealing.

Marble Counter tops: For Pure Elegance

marble countertop

Are you looking for a beautiful countertop surface? Are you searching for durable countertop material? Or is your search related to natural stone countertops? Well, if so, then marble countertop is all you need. Marble is an amazing choice for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Marble countertops can be the ultimate choice for any space. These countertops come with their own set of benefits.

Facts about marble countertops

The sheer while slabs of marble countertops are not only beautiful but they are also durable. Marble countertops are made from metamorphic rock. This means that it has been subjected to heat and pressure to turns into a beautiful stone. This stone will not be affected by hotpots, load and scratches. It is suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms.

There are many more reasons why you should choose marble to decorate your kitchen, some of them are:

Classic beauty: Beauty is one of the best features of marble countertops. If you are fond of white decor, then no other countertop surface can beat the elegance of the white marble countertop. Marble countertops enhance the beauty of space where they are installed.

Naturally cool: This countertop stays cool naturally. It is not a heat conductor. If you enjoy baking in your kitchen, you would love working on marble countertop.

Heat resistant: It is one of the best features you can ever find for a kitchen. Marble is heat resistant material, but you should not place a hotpot that directly comes from the stove on it.

Durable: Marble is quite durable material, though it is porous. This material cannot take the bumps and bruises like quartz, but it can provide long lasting service.

Easy to find: Marble countertops are easily available on the market. The market is full of different grades of marble slabs.

Buy marble countertops

Marble countertops are quite expensive. You can find many contractors on the market when you look for marble countertops. You should wisely select the marble countertop contractor. It is best to hire a contractor who directly deals with the countertop factories or companies. Such contractors can get you the countertop at reasonable price.