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What are the benefits of solid surface countertops?

The main benefit of solid surface counter tops is that it is a very low-maintenance, non-porous counter top option.  Many people choose to install a solid surface counter in their kitchen because it is so easy to clean.  With all the constant activity that goes on in your kitchen, the last thing you want to have to worry about is vigorously scrubbing your kitchen countertop down after every bit of use.  We offer many well-known and popular brands of solid surface tops such as Formica solid surface countertops, Corian solid surface countertops and Wilsonart solid surface countertopsCorian counters are perhaps the most popular of these because of the very high quality with which they are constructed. 

In addition to solid surface countertops, we provide dozens of different countertop materials from which to choose.  Perhaps our most popular products are granite countertops, which come in many different colors and varieties.  We also offer quartz countertops, some popular brands of which are Zodiaq, Silestone, CaesarStone, Hanstone, Cambria and Compaq.  We are also proud to offer recycled glass countertops as well as other green products such as Icestone, Vetrazzo and Eco countertopsConcrete countertops are also very popular but more so for a bathroom than a kitchen.  Bathroom granite countertops are also a very popular option.  Laminate countertops, soapstone countertops and granite countertop tiles are also very commonly chosen for kitchen countertop ideas and bathroom countertops

If you have any questions regarding solid surface countertop prices or granite vs. Corian countertops, give us a call today at 919-510-9001.  We provide the most well-made cheap kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops in North Carolina!