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How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity Counter top

Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

The bathroom vanity countertop material you choose should bring out the elegance of your bathroom, act as the focal point and connecting point between the wood and the surface above. The countertop material you choose should be able to withstand soap and water and still be durable. Although bathroom tops will not undergo the same work as the kitchen countertops it’s important that you use the right material for your bathroom. The granite installer will be able to advise you on the best material based on your needs.

How to Choose the Bathroom Vanity Countertop Material

When choosing the material to use on your countertop consider the following;

  • Bathroom style

The look you want to bring out in your bathroom will determine the choice of countertop material you use. Before you decide whether its contemporary, classic, Victorian or the traditional look you want to achieve, research and look at the different styles and choose the one you want. The granite installers will give granite bathroom countertop ideas that you can implement to give your bathroom the natural artistic and classic look and if you choose to use wood then you have a more traditional look. The vanity countertop material you choose should give your bathroom the regal effect.

  • Child-Friendly

The countertop material you choose should not harbor bacteria making it friendly even for your children. Choose a material that is nonporous so that it doesn’t harbor bacteria and it’s easy to clean. Quartz countertop is nonporous and that makes them a perfect choice for the bathroom vanity countertop. Make sure the edge profile you choose is also safe for the children.

  • Bathroom Vanity Countertop Use

How are you going to use the vanity countertop? If your hair closet has heat styling tools then you may need to get a heat-resistant countertop. Get a countertop material that is not porous and not susceptible to stains if you are going to use the vanity countertop as a makeup place. If you choose granite countertops to ensure its sealed to keep out stains. The material you use should be able to withstand soap and any other stains without fading or losing the shine.

  • Countertop care and Maintenance

Quartz countertop is a low maintenance countertop, unlike granite which requires sealing often. If you don’t have the time to keep cleaning the countertop, then choose the low maintenance countertops. It’s however important to take care of the countertop you choose to avoid damage and to ensure durability.

  • Cost

How much have you budgeted for? The countertop material you choose should fit into your budget. The granite installer will take the measurements of your top and give you a quotation of the various materials you can use for the vanity countertop. Choose the material that fits into your budget.

Size of Bathroom

Huge bathrooms will require a bigger vanity countertop and that will determine the material you choose to use. If you have a large bathroom, the material you choose should bring out the elegance and also fit into your budget. Ensure that the vanity countertop you choose should fit into your room without making it look overcrowded.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Vanity Countertop

  • Material

The countertop material you use will determine the cost of the bathroom vanity countertop. Natural stone is more expensive and will, therefore, increase the overall cost. Visit the granite company and the granite installers will give you a quotation for the cost.

  • Labor cost

Once you have made up your mind on the material to use, you need to get a quote from the granite countertop installers on the various options and the cost. Ensure that all the costs are included in the quote. The labor for the various countertop products will differ because material like granite countertops requires sealing after installation. Ensure the quotation you get from the granite company is conclusive.


The material you choose should be able to withstand soap and resist heat. Choose the material that is within your budget and that will serve the purpose you intend. The countertop product you choose should bring the beauty and elegance of your bathroom. If you choose granite countertop Raleigh the installer will be able to advise on how to take care of the countertop.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanities?

bathroom countertop

Bathroom vanity allows you create the desired ambience in your bathroom. When selecting vanity for your bathroom remodel project, there are many important things which you are required to keep in mind because bathroom vanity is not merely for decoration, it has practical uses as well. From vanity countertop, size, shape, color, design to sink installation and number of drawers, there are many things that are necessary to consider.

How to pick perfect vanity?

Depending on the shape and size of your bathroom, opt for a vanity design which possesses all the features you want. It is very essential to take shape and size of bathroom into consideration while selecting the vanity. The size of your vanity should be according to the size of your bathroom. Also, to get perfect vanity pay attention over each and every component of vanity such as- cabinet, sink countertop, mounting etc.

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Cabinet Choices

While purchasing bathroom vanity, a lot of bathroom cabinet choices will be available to you. Don’t make your decision merely on the basis of cabinet finishing. Take available storage area, cabinet material, door style, hinges and size of cabinets into your concern.

The Sink

It is recommended to select a sink before selecting any other part of bathroom vanity. The sink is what sets the aura for the entire bathroom. Vanity sink selection largely depends on your lifestyle and how it will be used on a daily basis. There are many types of sinks available in the market, nowadays. Again, along with look, pay attention over the functionality of the sink, as sink is going to be the most used part of your bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanity countertop

The vanity countertop is the most highlighting feature of the bathroom. The look and feel of your bathroom depends on the bathroom vanity countertop material you have chosen. Right vanity countertop material can instantly provide rich and royal look to your bathroom. There are many bathroom vanity countertop materials such as- granite, marble, tile, quartz etc. Among all, marble and granite countertops are very popular in bathrooms. Both materials aggrandize the beauty of vanity.