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How Often Should I Seal My Countertops?

Sealing your granite or other hard stone countertops will ensure that they stay pristine for years to come. However your countertop seal can begin to break down over time or do to specific cleaning practices, therefore it is vital that you have your countertops resealed on a regular basis. Sealing your countertops protects your porous stones from damage due to spills or chemical breakdown. Some things that can deteriorate your sealer more quickly are cleaners or products that are naturally acidic or alkaline. Acidic products like citrus based cleaners or vinegar cleaners may break down a water or silicone based sealer more quickly than a pH neutral cleaner. Also how often you utilize these cleaners can help you determine how quickly your granite countertops needs resealing. Also it is important to make sure that if your stone is a high porous model that you get it sealed more often. To test your stone countertops see if water continually beads up on it, if the water no longer beads it is time to get your countertops resealed. Your countertops are an investment to your homes overall value help to maintain their beauty by getting them resealed on a regular basis. If your countertops are in need of a reseal don’t hesitate to contact the expert countertop contractors at The Countertop Factory.

Durable Countertops

Why you will always want the assistance of professional countertop contractors from The Countertop Factory to install your new countertops properly the choice of countertop material remains entirely up to you! Luckily The Countertop factory houses a wide range of some of the most durable natural stones for you to select from. Some of the most popular options include granite countertops. Granite countertops are known for both their hardness and heat resistance but also for their beauty and range of colors. Granite though is a porous stone and will stain if not properly maintained. Other great countertop options include quartz countertops. Quartz is as hard as granite, but comes in an even larger variety of colors as this stone can be stained to meet any unique color scheme imaginable.  The Countertop factory also provides soapstone countertops, soapstone is a metamorphic rock that has been used for centuries as a carving material and also in fireplaces due to it’s natural heat resistance. Soapstone can provide a weathered look that some individuals are looking for. So if you are looking to remodel your kitchen and are looking to upgrade your old worn countertops then stop by The Countertop Factory they have a showroom in Raleigh NC and provide a free no obligation in home estimate! So don’t hesitate contact one of their helpful countertop contractors and inquire about The Countertop Factory’s wide range of countertop products and services.

Marble Sinks and Bathroom Countertops

Marble sinks and countertops are valued for their beauty and durability. If you are looking to enhance your bathrooms ambiance by installing marble bathroom countertops or sinks then The Countertop Factory has the best product selection and service available. Being a full service countertop company we know the ends and outs when it comes to installing natural stone countertops. Before you make the investment by installing new countertops there are some things to consider. Marble is a natural stone and no two pieces will be exactly alike this uniqueness may make it hard if you are looking for something that will perfectly match. While marble is a naturally hard stone and is resistant to hard impact, marble can be scratched if improper cleaning methods are used such as abrasive sponges. Always make sure you get marble specific cleaners to ensure you keep your marble countertops looking like new. Marble is also porous and has the potential to stain if spilled on. However, marble is resilient to heat and pressure making it ideal for bathrooms where steam and hot moisture are commonplace. Marble countertops are a significant investment that will add beauty and value to your home. With proper maintenance marble countertops will not need replacing. If you are ready to improve your bathroom by installing beautiful marble countertops or marble shower surrounds then contact the helpful and experienced countertop contractors at The Countertop Factory and inquire about their free in home estimate today!

Marble vs. Granite Countertops

If you are looking to replace your old or outdated kitchen or bathroom countertops you should put your trust in the best. The Countertop Factory with a showroom located in Raleigh NC, has been providing quality countertop materials and installation for over 20 years. Their experienced craftsman and contractors are knowledgeable about their wide range of natural stone, and Eco-friendly countertop options. For instance many people might assume that Granite and Marble countertops are interchangeable materials when they are in actuality two very different kinds of stone that have very different properties.

Marble is comprised of sediment from natural materials solidifying over an extensive period of time where as granite is a stone formed deep within the earths crust at very high temperatures. The different ways in which these stones are formed tell us a lot about their properties. Granite being formed deep in the earth under high duress is highly resistant to heat, staining, and other wear.

It is advised by most contractors of marble and granite countertops to utilize granites strength and natural heat and stain resiliency for kitchen countertops. Marble being composed of natural sediments is mostly calcium based making marble vulnerable to acid damage from food or drink, heat damage, and scratches. Both stones are very beautiful and can be used in multiple areas of your home.  While granite is great for kitchen countertops you may want to use marbles elegance in other rooms for instance using marble for a bathroom vanity or a marble mantle piece over your fireplace. No matter what area of the home you are looking to enhance by installing beautiful stone countertops the professionals at The Countertop Factory will be there to help guide you through every step of the process.