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Why You Should Consider Granite Kitchen Countertops

Are you looking for countertops to install in your kitchen? You should highly consider giving granite countertops a try. Why is this so? Well, because the countertops come with several attractive features that include:

They add value to the kitchen

There is no denying that well-installed granite counters are elegant to look at. As you can guess, this means that when you install them, they significantly increase the value of your house as people want to have them.

If you consider selling your house later, granite countertops make a lot of sense as they significantly increase the house’s value, so you sell at a high price.

You should note that when you are remodeling your house solely for sale, you should avoid the premium granite trim counters as chances are high you won’t recoup your investment. To make money from the remodel, go with medium-priced countertops.

Granite countertops are beautiful.

Since they are natural, granite countertops are naturally beautiful. The natural nature of the countertops also means that the pieces are unique. This means that no two slabs are the same.

Even if you have several almost identical slabs in your kitchen, they aren’t exactly similar. This gives you a sense of uniqueness, as you are sure that no one in the world has a countertop identical to yours.

The unique and beautiful nature of the countertops also means that you have a comfortable house to live in.

The countertops are durable.

Granite is naturally strong, meaning that it’s bound to last for a long time when you take good care of it. When well maintained, granite slabs can last up to 50 years, which is more than most other (even artificial) countertop options, such as quartz.

Of course, for the countertops to last this long, you must take good care of them. While tough, don’t sit on them, especially on the edges, as you will crack them. Instead, have a stool in your kitchen to sit on as you prepare the food.

You also should avoid cutting directly on the countertops, as you will scratch them, giving them an ugly look. Even if the countertops can stand the abuse, you should always have a chopping board in place to maintain a clean look. Use this board to chop tomatoes, onions, meat, and anything else you might be preparing.

How you clean the countertops also plays a massive role in their life, so always be cautious about how you go about it. As a rule, don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your surfaces. This calls for you to avoid vinegar-containing products at all costs.

The countertops are versatile.

Whether you want to give your kitchen a minimalistic or traditional look, there are granite counters you can use for this.

To pull off the look, you need to install the countertops properly. This calls for you to work with experienced contractors that know what they are doing. The last thing you should do is work with cheap contractors that ruin your project.

Before installing the countertops, sit down with your contractor and explain to them the look you are after. For peace of mind that they will properly install the countertops, ask them to show other kitchens they have done with the same design. Of course, avoid the contractors that don’t have samples.

They are perfect for the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and it’s often a highly demanding place that requires robust materials.

Thankfully, granite can withstand water, stains, oils, hot pans, and other risks.

As mentioned above, while granite is tough, you must protect it from these elements. Besides removing water and oils before they form stains, you should regularly seal your granite kitchen countertops Durham.

A good way to go about it is to seal the surfaces at the time of installation and then at least once a year after that.