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Things to Know Before Replacing Kitchen Counters

kitchen countertop replacement

Kitchen countertops have both aesthetic and practical role. A well-used countertop surface need to be durable enough to bear the daily wear and tear and cleanup and still manages to look good all the time. Over time, even the most expensive kitchen countertop loses its charm. It gets cracked, chipped, scratched and burned. Such damaged countertops are not good for your kitchen. These countertops not only make your kitchen look bad, but also create some sort of inconvenience while working in the kitchen. It is your responsibility to get your kitchen countertop replaced before it starts degrading the value of your kitchen.

Kitchen countertop replacement

There are plenty of reasons for replacing the old kitchen counters. If you are remodelling your kitchen, then you definitely want your countertop to be in sync with the rest of the kitchen décor. Your kitchen remodelling will be incomplete without countertop replacement. A new kitchen countertop can freshen up the entire décor of your kitchen. But there are a few things that you need to consider before replacing your kitchen countertop surface.

Kitchen countertop replacement: Things to consider

The Existing Countertop Material: When you are replacing your countertop, you have to make sure that the new countertop material is better in every aspect than the previous one. If your new countertop surface does not match with quality of existing countertop, your entire kitchen will look dull.

Kitchen Cabinets: When replacing the countertop, make sure that your existing kitchen cabinets can bear the load of new countertop. Do not choose countertop that is too heavy for your furniture. Otherwise, your furniture will break. It is better to consult with a kitchen countertop contractor garner before choosing the countertop material. The weight, width and shape of the countertop should precisely sync with the kitchen cabinets.

The Plumbing: Sink mounting is another important thing to consider when you are planning to replace the kitchen countertop.

Kitchen Décor: When you are replacing your countertop surface, you definitely want to make your countertop look good. In order to achieve the best décor, consult with professional interior decorators. They can better tell you which countertop style will go with your kitchen décor.


Bathroom Design: How to pick out a Vanity?

bathroom vanity tops

Bathroom vanity may not be the first thing that pops up when you think about the bathroom remodeling, but bathroom vanity can either make or break your bathroom design. Bathroom vanities have functional as well as aesthetic value. If vanity is placed awkwardly in a traffic route, have mismatched or poor materials, or does not have sufficient storage space, the entire bathroom will suffer. The vanity size, shape, style and bathroom vanity top are some of things that you have to consider to install the best vanity in your bathroom.

Selecting bathroom vanity

Today, market is full of designer bathroom vanities; each vanity has something different to offer. While selecting the vanity for your bathroom, it is important to understand the needs and requirements of your family. Then only you will be able to choose the right vanity for your bathroom.

Things to consider while picking vanity

Placement: Find the spot where vanity is easily accessible. It should not block the bathroom traffic and mess your bathroom. It will become very inconvenient for you to use bathroom when vanity top blocks your way to bathtub, toilet seat or when shower water sprinkles on it. Thus, be very careful while choosing the location of the vanity.

Plumbing: If you will have to make some changes in the plumbing of your bathroom, it is going to cost a good amount of money. Installing the vanity far from other bath fixtures will cost a higher for rough plumbing.

Sink Mounting: Before finalizing any vanity for your bathroom, think about the type of sink mounting you want.

Size: There is more than one factor that you are required to consider while choosing the size of your vanity. The size of vanity should be in proportion with the size of bathroom. Vanity should not be too big or too small for your bathroom. Also, vanity should have enough storage space.

Vanity Top Material: Bathroom vanity top is the most highlighting feature of the vanity. There are many vanity tops available on the market. You should find the right bathroom vanity top contractor Pittsboro to get the best material.

Things to consider before buying bathroom countertop

marble contractorChoosing a countertop material for bathroom vanity is a daunting task. There are so many factors that you have to consider before buying the countertop material. Today a lot of bathroom countertop choices available on the market. You will find endless color, texture and material options when you look for bathroom countertop surface. Every material has its own pros and cons. The material you choose solely depends on your use and budget.

Bathroom countertop material considerations

Bathroom countertop has to bear less wear and tear as compared to kitchen countertops, but still bathroom countertop is an expensive investment. You have to be very careful while selecting the bathroom countertop surface. Some countertop materials such as granite, marble, limestone, tile, concrete etc. can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms.

In order to select the right bathroom countertop material, you have to analyze each and every aspect of the material. The use of bathroom countertop is different that of kitchen countertop. Your selected material should be capable of handling water, cosmetics, soaps, heating rods, scratches etc. without losing its shine.

Considerations before buying bathroom countertop

Sizable Samples: Before finalizing any material for your bathroom, check out its sample. Analyze the true look and feel of the material by touching it. Check if the actual color and texture of the countertop match with the existing décor of your bathroom. Many good countertop companies provide sizable samples to their customers.

Watch the Warranty: Yes, countertop materials also come with warranty. Before purchasing any countertop, discuss about the warranty with your bathroom contractor. In case, countertop breaks within warranty period, you will not have to pay for repairs. However, only good companies offer warranty.

Consider the sink mounting: Sink mounting is another important thing to consider while selecting a countertop material. Different materials go with different types of sink mounting.

Countertop Price: Countertop price varies from company to company. In order to make the best purchase, compare the prices of various countertop companies. You can also visit the countertop factory and directly order your countertop from the factory. The direct manufacturers may provide you countertop at the lower price.