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Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Kitchen Countertops

Countertops perk up the value of your home and make your kitchen more functional. Marble, quartz and granite countertop are durable, but they are not immune to damage. It’s therefore important to ensure that you take care of the countertop to retain their look and prevent irreparable damage. In this article we look at simple procedures you can follow to prevent damaging your countertops.

How to Prevent Your Countertop from Damage

  • Use the right detergent and pad to clean the countertop

Acidic and abrasive cleaners will etch and damage your countertop. They will make your countertop appear dull. Make sure the cleaning material you use is meant for your kitchen countertop. Clean your granite or marble countertop with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. A microfibre is ideal when cleaning and removing food crumbs from your countertop. Avoid using harsh detergents and abrasive cleaning materials because that makes the countertop dull. The harsh detergents will also remove the sealant in granite and marble countertop. Removing the sealant will make your countertop porous, and  that will expose your family to a disease-causing virus

  • Don’t cut directly on the kitchen countertops

Avoid using your countertop as the cutting board. Invest in a cutting board to avoid leaving marks on the countertop. Cutting or pounding heavily on the countertop will damage your kitchen countertop. If you have to pound meat make sure you don’t do it on the countertop.

  • Avoid direct contact with the heat

Exposing your granite or quartz countertop to too much heat will damage your countertop. Too much exposure to heat will cause the kitchen countertop to change color, crack or become brittle. Make sure you have trivets or hot pads before you place a pan on the countertop. You can also keep hot pans on the stove instead of placing them on the countertop.

  • Control spills

Although granite and quartz will not stain easily its important to wipe away spills immediately. However, if spills are wiped for a long time, they will result in stains. It’s therefore important to ensure that spills are wiped off immediately. Use a soft cloth and detergent to clean the spills. Granite countertop is durable, but if it absorbs moisture and dirt, it will begin cracking.

  • Avoid dropping or placing heavy objects on the countertop

Cracks and chips will occur when you place a heavy object on the countertop. Don’t step on the countertop when reaching for something in the cabinets. Your countertop is durable, but it will crack or chip when too much weight is placed on it. Don’t lean on the countertop because that adds extra weight and that could cause cracking.

  • Seal natural stones

Granite and marble countertop require sealing. If not sealed the countertop will absorb moisture, and that could lead to cracking. The granite contractor will asses how busy your kitchen is and advise how often you should seal your countertop. Use high-quality sealant to ensure that the top is well sealed. Sealing the countertops will make them more durable, and they will look good for long. Make sure you countertops are sealed often to keep them nonporous.

  • Follow the care instructions

It’s imperative to follow the right cleaning and maintenance procedure. Follow the right cleaning procedure for your kitchen countertop. The granite countertop installers will advise you on the best cleaning detergent for your countertop.

  • Exposure to harsh UV rays

Most countertops will become discolored when exposed to the sun. It’s therefore important to choose the right countertop if you are thinking of an outdoor countertop. Granite is one of the best outdoor countertop material. Although granite can withstand the harsh environment its best to have your outdoor countertop enclosed. That will protect it from the harsh sun and prevent discoloration.

Countertops are an investment and should be kept in the best state. The above simple tips will guide you on how you should maintain your countertop. It’s important to understand the kind of kitchen countertop in your home. Whether its a marble, quartz or a granite countertop Durham follow the care instructions given by the expert at the granite company. Your countertop will last long if you follow the right maintenance procedure. A well-maintained countertop will give your house a good appearance and a high value.

Which Durable Countertop is the best for Your Kitchen?

granite countertop care

With continuous exposure to heat, water, knives, acids and more, countertops bear huge wear and tear in the kitchens. It is important to choose a kitchen countertop material that not only looks good but also hold up under the kitchen activities. You can find many kitchen countertop materials on the market. Every material has its own perks and limitations.

Best kitchen countertop materials

While purchasing kitchen countertop, you should pay heed over several factors such as, countertop maintenance, purchase and installation cost, finishing, durability, heat resistance, scratch resistance and sealing requirements. Selecting the countertop material is one of the most important decisions to be made while planning kitchen remodeling. It is always good to check out all available countertop options to choose the most apt countertop material for your kitchen.

To narrow down you ideal countertop material search, take sneak peek over the pros and cons of the best countertop materials:

Granite Kitchen Counters

Granite is the king of kitchen countertops. Granite has all the qualities of an ideal countertop material. It comes in variety of colors, textures and styles.


  • It is durable material.
  • It resists chips and cracks.
  • It stands up to stains


  • It requires annual sealing.
  • It is tough but not indestructible.

Quartz Kitchen Counters

Quartz is a highly durable manmade kitchen countertop material. You can easily find fully customized quartz countertop.


  • It is highly durable countertop material.
  • It can bear knife cuts and other scratches.
  • It is stain and bacteria resistant.


  • It is not heat resistant material.
  • Quartz countertops are expensive.
  • Quartz countertops get discolored over time.

Tile Kitchen Counters

Tile countertops look very beautiful and contemporary. It is very low maintenance countertop material.


  • It is very tough material.
  • Tile counters are easy to clean.
  • This material resist stains, cuts and heat.


  • It is a porous material.
  • It cracks easily.
  • Annual sealing is required

There are many countertop materials. In order to choose the right countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, you should opt for the best kitchen countertop contractor. The countertop contractor can better guide you about the suitable countertop material according to your needs and requirements.