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Things to Know Before Replacing Kitchen Counters

kitchen countertop replacement

Kitchen countertops have both aesthetic and practical role. A well-used countertop surface need to be durable enough to bear the daily wear and tear and cleanup and still manages to look good all the time. Over time, even the most expensive kitchen countertop loses its charm. It gets cracked, chipped, scratched and burned. Such damaged countertops are not good for your kitchen. These countertops not only make your kitchen look bad, but also create some sort of inconvenience while working in the kitchen. It is your responsibility to get your kitchen countertop replaced before it starts degrading the value of your kitchen.

Kitchen countertop replacement

There are plenty of reasons for replacing the old kitchen counters. If you are remodelling your kitchen, then you definitely want your countertop to be in sync with the rest of the kitchen décor. Your kitchen remodelling will be incomplete without countertop replacement. A new kitchen countertop can freshen up the entire décor of your kitchen. But there are a few things that you need to consider before replacing your kitchen countertop surface.

Kitchen countertop replacement: Things to consider

The Existing Countertop Material: When you are replacing your countertop, you have to make sure that the new countertop material is better in every aspect than the previous one. If your new countertop surface does not match with quality of existing countertop, your entire kitchen will look dull.

Kitchen Cabinets: When replacing the countertop, make sure that your existing kitchen cabinets can bear the load of new countertop. Do not choose countertop that is too heavy for your furniture. Otherwise, your furniture will break. It is better to consult with a kitchen countertop contractor garner before choosing the countertop material. The weight, width and shape of the countertop should precisely sync with the kitchen cabinets.

The Plumbing: Sink mounting is another important thing to consider when you are planning to replace the kitchen countertop.

Kitchen Décor: When you are replacing your countertop surface, you definitely want to make your countertop look good. In order to achieve the best décor, consult with professional interior decorators. They can better tell you which countertop style will go with your kitchen décor.


Why Quartz Countertops Are the Hottest Kitchen Trend

kitchen remodeling

When it comes to aesthetics, every homeowner wants to make their space unique. Kitchen is a focal point of the home. It is a place where family gathers for meals and other social activities. This is the reason why homeowners do not hesitate in splurging money on kitchen remodeling. Kitchen countertop is one of the important parts of the kitchen. The countertop has to be functional as well as beautiful. It should provide practical benefits and look good.

Importance of the right kitchen countertop material

There are many countertop materials available on the market. Choosing a countertop material from the crowd of hi-tech and natural-stone countertop materials is not an easy task. Every kitchen countertop material has something different to offer. Among all, granite, marble, soap stone, quartz, bamboo and tile are trending these days.

Know about Quartz Countertops

Marble and granite have been ruling as the kitchen countertop material since a longtime. These countertops have been found in all types of kitchens. However, if you have noticed the recent kitchen countertop trends, you might have come across quartz countertops.

Unlike high-maintenance marble and granite countertops, quartz countertops are stain repellent and invulnerable to acidic foods. This material is resistant to chips and scratches. Also, quartz does not require any sealing. It looks stunning for a long period of time.

One of the biggest reasons behind increasing popularity of quartz countertops is aesthetics of man-made stone. Quartz countertops have unnaturally uniform patterns that create the variations and swirls of natural stone. This stone is way cheaper than granite and marble. Also installation of quartz is really very easy.

Quartz countertops are available in variety of colors and textures. It means you can have countertop complementing your kitchen décor. Quartz countertops look scintillating in the kitchen. With this countertop, you can give rich and royal look to your kitchen without spending a lot of money.

Since quartz is a man-made material. It is important to buy the quartz countertop from a reputable quartz countertop company. You can get all the benefits of quartz countertops only if you purchase it from the right source.

How to Select the Right Granite Countertop Color for Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen trends come and go, but no other material can beat the popularity of granite when it comes to kitchen countertops. Despite its cost, granite is hard-wearing, easy to maintain and most importantly, fine-looking countertop material. This material comes in many different colors, making it an ideal complement to any kitchen style.

Choosing the right granite countertop color

Granite countertop installation is a decision that provides great value. Since granite slabs are available in many different colors on the market, it is indeed not easy to select the one color. Choosing the granite countertop shade is a personal and eventually long-lasting decision.

Colors For Granite Kitchen Countertops

White Granite

White Granite countertops make kitchen looks bigger. This shade provides a clean-lined look to the kitchen. White granite slabs always come with different colors of veins or flecks that can add character to a kitchen. You can choose from many shades of white granite to match with your kitchen décor.

Beige Granite

Beige Granite offers more decorating options than white granite. This color provides a royal look to the kitchen. Unlike white, beige has more of gray, brown and gray colors mixed in. The color combination provides you more scope to decorate around.

Brown Granite

Brown Granite is for creating rustic and warm look. Since brown granite countertops are darker than beige countertops, they have some limitations in matching cabinet colors. However, lighter contrast shades may look good. Thus, if you are searching for a timeless piece of countertop for your kitchen, brown granite is a safe bet.

Black Granite

Black Granite countertops sparkle. Black granite countertops are actual striations of granite. These countertops are really very easy to look after. The surfaces of black granite countertops are solid black. Nevertheless, when you look closer, you can find small silver specks all over the surfaces.


Granite countertops are the ultimate addition to any kitchen. This countertop material has the capacity of enhancing the appearance of any kitchen as well as bathroom. They are easy to install and can be customized. However, you should always prefer a reputable granite contractor for making purchases.

What factors affect the price of Granite Countertops?

kitchen countertop replacement

Granite is a durable stone, which make it ideal bathroom and kitchen countertop material. This stone looks extremely stylish and enhances the value of home. Granite countertops come as polished slabs which are specifically cut to fit into the countertop layout of kitchens and bathrooms. However, before you invest in a granite countertop, you should understand that there are many types of granite countertops available on the market.

The quality and price difference in the granite countertops

Not all granite countertops are same. Some granite costs more while some less. This difference exists in the price of granite countertops because of several factors. Although granite is a natural stone, it shows variance in quality. This variance fluctuate the price of granite countertops.

Here are the factors which make difference in the price and quality of granite countertops:

Size of Granite slabs

The size of granite slab affects the cost of granite countertop. If a granite countertop is made up of fewer and larger pieces of granite, it will cost more. It is because such countertops provide seamless finishing. Although it is not easy to determine the joints in the countertop, you should thoroughly observe the countertop before purchasing.

Color of Granite countertop

Granite countertops come in a variety of colors. The rarer color you choose, the more money you will have to pay for it. Actually, granite is mined in several parts of the world. If you choose granite color which is mined in your state, you can get it at cheaper rate. On the other hand, if granite contractor has to import the countertop on your demand, you will have to pay more.

Grades of Granite

Granite is further divided in several grades. These grades define the durability, appearance and strength of granite. The better grade you choose the superior feature you get and higher money you will have to pay. Thus, whenever you purchase granite countertop, do remember to discuss about granite grades.

So, these are some factors which affect the price of the granite countertops. In order to purchase the right granite at the right price, you should prefer reputable granite company. A good company will provide you reliable product at reasonable price.