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Tips to keep kitchen countertop clean

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Kitchen countertop is one of the important kitchen assets. In order to keep your kitchen neat and tidy, you are required to keep your kitchen counter clean. Well, kitchen countertop cleaning is not a difficult task. You can clean your kitchen countertop just with soap water and cloth. However, you need to be careful while spilling on the surface.

Kitchen countertop cleaning

No matter if you have granite countertop, marble countertop, quartz countertop, tile countertop or bamboo countertop, cleaning is mandatory. Every countertop gets dirty sooner or later. In order to maintain a clean and hygienic aura at your kitchen, you need to clean it.

Kitchen countertop cleaning tasks can be made easier with the right tools.  Different countertop materials have different cleaning needs and requirements. For example different scrubber and detergents are recommended for different materials. You should understand the kind of cleaning required for your countertop.

Kitchen countertop cleaning should be done carefully. You should not be too harsh on the surface. The countertops can be cleaned easily. You don’t need harsh cleaning. Otherwise, you may damage your countertop. This needs to be taken care while cleaning the sealed countertop surfaces.

Many times food particles accrue in the corner. In order to achieve the proper cleaning, you should clean the corners of your countertop. Otherwise, germs will grow, and you will notice foul smell around the countertop.

The most important thing you can do to make your kitchen countertop cleaning task easier is cleaning the spills right away. The more you wait the stiffer the spills become. Later, it will become harder to clean. Your kitchen countertop cleaning routine should be like –cleaning spills right away, cleaning entire countertop with soap water weekly, and performing through cleaning every month. This is how you can make your countertop look new all the times.

Importance of kitchen countertop cleaning

Kitchen countertop cleaning is an important task. There are plenty of reasons why you should keep your kitchen countertop clean, some of them are:

  • To make your kitchen look neat and clean
  • To prevent bacteria growth
  • To get smooth cooking surface

Kitchen countertop cleaning shouldn’t be avoided. No matter how you clean your countertop, you are required to keep it clean. If you are too busy for this task, you can hire professional cleaners. It is important for overall cleanness of your kitchen.

Cleaning Countertop Surfaces

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Countertops are a large investment for a kitchen or bathroom. They are functional as well as decorative units that come in various surface types. No matter what type of countertop surface you have, they will ultimately need to be cleaned. Every countertop surface has its own unique cleaning needs. Both kitchen and bathroom countertops are required to be cleaned time to time. Also, countertop cleaning is one of the mandatory tasks.

Kitchen countertop cleaning

Most countertop surfaces can be kept clean with same basic care, regardless of what type they are. But there are some countertop surfaces that require very precise care and maintenance. Along the same lines, there are countertop surfaces that should not be spilled, stained or allowed to sit on them for any extended time period. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent for laminate countertops, but it is really very bad for marble countertops. Knowing what type of material is in your kitchen, will help you knowing what you should and shouldn’t use to clean them.

Daily countertop care

Dust and dirt can scratch countertop surface. Spills that remain for too long on countertops may become extremely difficult to clean. For this reason, a daily countertop cleaning routine becomes very important. Just wipe countertop using a soft clean cloth on a day when you haven’t used your countertop. If more extensive cleaning is required, use soft cloth and soap water to clean your countertop surface. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for specific countertop material. Some countertop materials can be damaged by cleaning agents.

Spills can stain nearly every countertop. Porous stones that require resealing will absorb spills easily, and discolor the countertop surface. Laminated surfaces can also get discolored from spills. When a spill occurs, clean them right away. Removing spills instantly will help you protecting your kitchen counter in the long run.

Even big messes can be cleaned with basic cleaning methods. To clean your countertops, begin with the basic methods such as –dry dusting and cleaning with wet cloth. Only opt for special cleaning agents or dish soap on countertop type, if it is needed.