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Marble Countertops: For classic luxury and contemporary style

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More than any other countertop material, marble displays the pure elegance. Once used to be the part of only in the affluent homes, marble countertops are now readily accessible because of enhanced technology. This countertop material is apt for both bathroom and kitchen counters.

Marble countertops

If you think that marble countertops are available only in white color, then think again! However, marble countertops look best in scintillating white, but they are not confined to white color. You can easily find marble countertops in shades like creamy whites, light yellows, ocean greens, amazing blacks, soft oranges, and pretty pink. You will surely love the colored version of marble countertops. With the help of colored marble counter tops, you can adorn your bathroom as well as kitchen.

Marble countertops for bathroom

In bathrooms, marble countertops look spectacular. It is the best bathroom countertop material. If you are planning bathroom remodeling and willing to change countertop material, then you should totally opt for marble. Marble are more beautiful than practical. They can bring luxury to your bathroom, as they are epitome of timeless beauty. You can also enhance the beauty of marble countertops through marble polishing.

Marble is a porous material and get stained easily. You need to pay attention over maintenance to keep white surface of marble white. Also, in order to enjoy rich and royal look of marble countertops, you will have to spend some extra money. This countertop material is more expensive that contemporary material available in the market.

Marble countertops for kitchen

Marble countertops offer outstanding beauty to kitchen décor. Many interior decorators and kitchen contractors are preferring marble over other kitchen countertop materials. The clean and bright look of marble, lights up the entire aura of kitchen. Marble offers aseptically clean surface.

One more reason for choosing marble for kitchens is its cool temperature. Mable is naturally cool material, it does not conduct heat. This quality of marble makes it a good choice for kitchen. However, marble get etched, stained and scratched easily in the kitchen.

So, these are some pros and cons to marble countertop for bathroom and kitchen. Pay heed over these points before choosing countertop material.

How to Plan and Budget for a Kitchen Renovation

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A kitchen renovation is daunting as well as exciting project. Deciding what you want in your new kitchen isn’t easy but planning for new kitchen is FUN. Evaluating the scope of kitchen renovation project is the ideal thing to do when you start forming the kitchen remodeling budget.

Budgeting for Your Kitchen Remodel

Setting and staying within kitchen remodeling budget may sound obvious but it is not as simple as you think. Before touching the calculator, do market research. Find out what is available in the market and at which rate. Visit shops, read home improvement magazines, check out trade shows and browse online resources. And then prepare your ideal kitchen wish list with price tags.

It is not possible to confine the kitchen remodeling budget without conducting the market research. Real price of kitchen items may be different from your anticipated price. You may have planned about replacing kitchen appliances, floor, furniture, paint, countertop, lights and plumbing system, but if your budget does not allow you to replace all these things, you either have to increase your budget or compromise over a few things! The more research you do before making the final kitchen remodeling budget, the less likely you will have to change your plan.

Make a list of kitchen renovation priorities

It is important to prioritize your priorities. What is more important? New kitchen appliances or new furniture or new kitchen countertop installation? Note down your priorities. Just in case, if any unexpected expenses eat your budget, you will still get the top things of your list done.

When setting your priorities, think what impact the little renovations will make on your life. You should think about functionality over design. For example- It is more important to get leaky faucets fixed than getting a fully functioning chimney replaced.

Final words-

Kitchen renovation is the big investment. Thus, you should only hire an experienced kitchen contractor for your kitchen renovation work. Smart kitchen contractors know how to renovate the kitchen within limited budget. You can even take recommendations of a kitchen contractor for deciding the best kitchen remodeling budget.

Enjoy Your New Kitchen!