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Thinking About Undertaking Countertop Replacement? 7 Valuable Tips You Should Consider

soild surface countertops

If you have had your countertops for a long time and don’t like the current look, the countertops have worn out, or you are looking to sell the house, it’s time to think about replacing them. For the countertop replacement process to proceed smoothly, you need to understand how to go about it. Here are 7 valuable tips you should follow:

Pay attention to the flooring and cabinets

The nature of the cabinets and floor will not only influence the color of countertops you should install, it also will determine the type of countertops you should go with. Different countertop materials have different weights, and by installing countertops that are too heavy, you will damage the floor or the cabinets.

If you had previously installed plastic laminate countertops and you want to change to stone countertops, pay close attention to the integrity of the floor and cabinets and ensure that it can carry the weight.

If your cabinets aren’t strong enough, you have two options: replace the cabinets or settle for lightweight countertop material.

Know your countertop options

If you installed your countertops over a decade ago, you should know there are plenty of countertop options you can go with. From manmade materials to natural stone, you have a whole array of materials to choose from.

You need to do your research and find the best material to go with. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, consult an expert contractor to help you out.

Change the backsplash

Many people replacing their countertops forget replacing the backsplash, which gives their kitchen a confused look. The backsplash is the kitchen wall material. When the new countertops don’t blend naturally with the backsplash, you give the impression you didn’t think through the kitchen design.

Just like kitchen countertops, backsplashes come in different designs. There are small ones that cover only the sink area, midsized backsplashes, and even large ones that span the entire wall. They also come in different colors and textures.

It doesn’t matter what your dream kitchen should look like, but for a cozy, rustic, and modern look, ensure that the backsplash matches the new countertop material. You can buy a new material that blends flawlessly with the backsplash or replace the backsplash to match the countertop.

Don’t neglect the old appliances

The large kitchen appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are expensive. If you have the budget, you can replace them, but if they are still in good order, you don’t have to.

Instead, simply think about their color, and when buying the new countertops, buy countertops that are close to the color of the appliances. This way, the appliances don’t look out of place, so the kitchen has an elegant design.

Think about the lighting

What is the nature of the lighting in your kitchen? Under-cabinet lighting is excellent for dull surfaces, but it creates glare on the polished stone. If you have stone countertops, you may not even need to install under cabinet lighting—overhead lighting is enough.

A modern kitchen needs to be properly lit. To have an easy time doing it, consult a professional who will recommend the best lighting options to go with depending on the size of the kitchen, and installed countertops.

Take note of the sink and other plumbing appliances

Unless you have an under-mount sink, in most cases, when you install a new countertop material, you have to install a new sink. Even if you have an under-mount sink, you may have to change the faucet so that it matches the new countertops.

Work with an experienced countertop contractor

You are bound to make plenty of mistakes when you opt to go at it alone. To have an easy time and ensure you are making the right choices, have reputable granite contractors Durham or any other professionals by your side.

The contractors will help you choose the right material that your cabinets can carry. If the kitchen needs any design changes to match the current countertops, the professionals will also help you come up with the new designs.

The contractors will also help you scout for the new countertop materials that will give your kitchen a look you have always dreamt about.

Kitchen Remodeling – Why Remodel Your Kitchen

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling will ease your lifestyle and increase value of your property. There are many genuine reasons to remodel your kitchen. As kitchen is the heart of the home and the place which witness maximum activities, it is important that it has everything up to date.

Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling can be a major undertaking. A kitchen with all modern appliances, good ventilation, correct lighting, scintillating kitchen countertop, easy to use and beautiful furniture, and right flooring can make your life really very easy. If these reasons are not enough for you to remodel your kitchen, have a quick glance over below mentioned reasons for kitchen remodeling:


Through kitchen remodeling you can improve the functionality of your kitchen. For example you can adjust kitchen island height according to your comfort or create room for two cooks or have a walk-in pantry. Thus, if you are not comfortable in your own kitchen, then kitchen remodeling can work for you.


After some years, the kitchens start deteriorating. If your kitchen has cracked tiles, peeled countertops, broken cabinet doors and outdated kitchen appliances, then you should totally think about kitchen remodeling. Such deteriorated kitchens decrease the usefulness of kitchen.


Sadly, most household accidents take place in kitchens. Through kitchen remodeling, you can improve the safety of your kitchen to minimize the risks of accidents and make it as safe as much as possible.


Remodeled kitchen can add value to your property. You can attract potential buyers with beautiful kitchen.

Energy Savings

Energy savings can be the inspiration for a kitchen renovation. Think about adding skylights to bring more sunshine, replacing old kitchen appliance with energy-efficient appliances and installing solar water heaters can cut the utility bill. These energy saving modifications will not only cut your utility bills but also put less stress on the environment.


Simply hire a kitchen contractor to remodel your kitchen. An experienced and skilled contractor can style your kitchen in a beautiful manner.

These are some apparent reasons for kitchen remodeling. So, just ask yourself- Is it time to remodel kitchen? If YES, then hire a kitchen remodeling contractor NOW!

How to Determine Whether Granite Countertops Are Right for You


Whenever homeowners think about bathroom and kitchen countertop replacement, granite is probably the first name which pops up in their mind. But why? Why granite countertops are so popular? Why granite counters are apt for both kitchens and bathrooms? Why any other material cannot compete with granite? Well, it is because of the fact that granite has become the prototype for countertops. Though, in reality, granite countertop is not for everyone!!

Granite countertops

Undoubtedly, granite can make your kitchen or bathroom look luxurious but look is not everything. While choosing countertop material, you should consider your needs and requirements first and then run after look. The below mentioned things can help you in deciding whether granite is ideal countertop material for your kitchen and bathroom or not:

Fitting Granite into Your Budget

The very first thing that you need to analyze is whether granite countertop fit into your budget or not? Granite countertops are among most expensive countertops that you can buy. It is because of fact that granite countertops are made up of natural stone and have natural luster. Thus, before finalizing granite, make sure that you can afford granite countertop installation.

Does Granite Match with the Style of Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Every homeowner has different aesthetic sense and thus, their kitchens and bathrooms have distinct décor. Instead of going with trends, do some research and try to understand whether granite will go with your existing décor or not! You can also take suggestion from your bathroom or kitchen contractor. Your contractor will help you in choosing apt countertop material, as granite is not the only countertop material available in the market. The countertop materials like marble, siltstone, quartz, tile, wood etc. also have great features.

Usability of countertop surface

It is important to consider usability of countertop before finalizing any countertop material. Check whether granite can bear daily wear and tear of your kitchen and bathroom. Also, look for maintenance and cleaning requirement, because granite kitchen countertops require frequent sealing.

So, these are some important aspects which you need to consider before finalizing granite or any other countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom.


A Valuable Guide to kitchen remodeling

kitchen countertop

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms for house. Every homeowner desires to have a beautiful, comfortable, spacious, ventilated and clean kitchen. If you are one of that homeowner who is not happy with their present kitchen, then kitchen remodeling option is open for you. Through remodeling, you can modify your kitchen according to your needs and requirements.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen remodeling is an effective step for increasing the value of the kitchen but careful planning is needed to get the desired kitchen. Pay attention over planning before beginning your kitchen remodeling project. Check out the home improvement magazines, internet and neighborhood to get knowledge about latest kitchen remodeling trends. The more research you do, the better results you get. The below mentioned kitchen remodeling tips will help you in planning your kitchen remodeling:

  • Try to utilize entire kitchen space in the efficient manner.
  • Maximize cabinet area by selecting taller cabinets.
  • Install a pantry if you already have.
  • Choose energy efficient kitchen appliances.
  • Take kitchen ventilation seriously.
  • Opt for latest furniture design.
  • Hire a kitchen remodeling contractor
  • Change kitchen countertop, plumbing fixture, flooring, paint etc.

Hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor

Kitchen remodeling is a big project. Even if you or your friends have knowledge of carpentry or remodeling, you cannot accomplish the entire kitchen remodeling work on your own. The kitchen remodeling contractors have knowledge about the each and every aspect of kitchen remodeling. They are also aware about latest remodeling trends. By analyzing your kitchen they can suggest you the best pattern for remodeling.

When you look for kitchen contractor, you can find many eligible contractors who are agile to work for you. But you will have to opt for the best kitchen contractor to tackle your kitchen remodeling project. In order to find the best kitchen contractor, you should follow below mentioned steps:

  • Consult several contractors and understand their work as well as working style.
  • Look for referrals. Ask your friends, relatives and neighbor about the kitchen contractors working in your area.
  • Check out the previous work done by the contractors. Their previous work will let you know about their capabilities and working style.