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Marble vs. Granite Kitchen Countertop

granite kitchen countertops

If you are in process of finalizing the surface for your kitchen countertop, then you may like to consider various kitchen countertop options available on the market. Kitchen countertop market is mostly covered by granite and marble. Granite has its own classic charm, but now homeowners are looking for something different.  Marble looks amazingly beautiful as kitchen counter, but it is a high maintenance countertop surface. This makes it quite difficult for people to choose the right countertop for their kitchen.

Comparing marble vs. granite kitchen countertops

In order to select the right kitchen countertop, it is important to make your decision by comparing both the surfaces. You should understand the pros and cons of both materials before finalizing any one.

Granite is famous for its low-maintenance qualities. This material is very easy to clean. You can clean spills with wet cloth. You need not have to use harsh chemicals on surface, soapy water and detergent is enough for cleaning the granite countertop.  Granite countertops generally have darker shades such as black, dark green, grey etc. These colors do not get stained easily by acids, oil, vinegar, lemon juice and other foods.

Marble countertops are not maintenance free. If you want to keep the scintillating surface of marble countertops clean, you need to be careful while using the countertop. Do not spill oil, vinegar and acids on the marble countertops. Also, if food spills left on the countertop for a long period of time, you need to scrub a bit to make your countertop clean. Marble countertops come in lighter shades. This is the reason why marble countertops get stained easily.

In terms of look, both granite and marble countertops enhance the beauty of the kitchen. While granite is known for traditional look, marble countertop can royally redo your kitchen.  Granite has been the number one choice for countertop for years. This makes it monotonous. On the other hand, marble came as option for kitchen countertop recently. It adds freshness to kitchen decor. You can pair the marble countertop with marble flooring as well.

Have a quick glance over quick comparison of granite and marble countertop:

  • Granite countertop does not get scratched easily. Whereas marble countertop is prone to wear and tear.
  • Sealed granite countertop does not get stained easily
  • Granite is a heat resistant material, you can put hot pans and pots on the surface.