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Does Heat Damage Laminate Countertops?

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Laminate countertops are known to be tough, and they have been shown to withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this, you might be wondering whether you can damage the countertops by placing hot items on them, right?

Well, the unfortunate thing is that you can damage them. You might get away with it for the first time, but you are bound to damage the surfaces when you repeatedly do it.

So, even if the countertops are known to be tough and highly resistant to heat, you should always protect them from damage. Some of the things you can do to protect the surfaces include:

Don’t place hot items on the countertops

This is the first thing to do. Since you don’t want the countertops damaged, you shouldn’t place hot items on them. This means you shouldn’t get the hot pot from the stove and place it directly on the countertops surfaces as you will damage them.

You should be especially cautious when placing the hot items on the countertop edges, as they aren’t as heat resistant as the rest of the countertops.

If you haven’t covered the countertops, you should always let the pot cool before placing it on them.

Use trivets and hot pads

These are meant to protect the countertops from heat from the cooking pots and pans, and you place them under the hot pans, pots, and other hot items that might damage your surfaces.

Both hot pads and trivets are made from different materials, such as metal, silicone, and wood. If you are wondering which is the best material to go for, there is no right or wrong material—it all depends on you choosing the material that makes the most sense.

If you are looking for a flexible material that you can easily store away when not using it, go with silicone trivets. Metal trivets are best suited for decorative tough products and add some style to your kitchen.

Wood trivets, on the other hand, are a classic addition to your kitchen.

Regardless of the trivet or hot pad, ensure that it provides enough surfaces for the hot items to rest on. You don’t want to use one that is too small as it damages the surfaces.

Be cautious when using the heat generating appliances

Your stove, toaster, or electric skillet can easily damage your surfaces if you aren’t keen, so be cautious when using them around your countertops.

As a rule, don’t place them too close to the countertops, as they will damage them. You also should be cautious when handling heating oils and fats as they get to ultra-high temperatures that can be dangerous not only to you and other people in the kitchen but also to the countertops.

When preparing the meals, ensure no oils splash onto the countertops as they can damage them.

Even if you have set them at ultra-low temperatures, never leave your appliances unattended, as they can easily get out of control. For example, they can get ultra hot, and the heat spreads to the countertops. Since the appliances aren’t monitored, this can lead to expensive surface damage.

To stay on the safe side, never leave your appliances unattended.

Besides worrying about your countertops, also think about your safety. As a rule, never handle hot appliances with your bare hands. Instead, always use mitts and potholders.

Don’t leave hot items on the countertops for a long time

Sometimes you might forget the hot plate of food on the countertops. While this might not have an issue at first, when you let the hot item stay on the countertops for a long time, there is the risk of the heat reaching the countertop, which might not only discolor the surfaces but also sometimes leave a permanent damage on the countertops.

Even if you have placed a trivet or hot pad beneath a hot pot, don’t leave it there for a long time, as there is the risk of heat getting to the deeper layers and damaging the counters.

Parting shot

Yes, it’s possible for the laminate kitchen countertops Raleigh to get damaged by heat, so be cautious when using heat around your counters. As a rule of thumb, take measures to protect your surfaces from any damage.