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How to Create Additional Space on your Kitchen

It is nice to have a large kitchen where it can accommodate all of your kitchenware and appliances. Having a large kitchen can help you move around easier and more comfortably. Likewise, you can have the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen countertops and make your kitchen look luxurious and elegant.

However, not all households have spacious kitchens. That is why kitchen renovations or remodeling may be a challenge for them. But that doesn’t mean you cannot do something about your small kitchen anymore. In fact, there can be ways to make your kitchen stand out and create additional space.

Some ways to improve and make your kitchen look bigger and spacious is by removing clutter, utilizing your kitchen countertops and cabinets, and use other parts of your kitchen area. It takes resourcefulness and creativity to improve your kitchen instead of spending extra cash for a countertop replacement or tearing down your kitchen walls.

Remove clutter

One important step to create additional space on your marble countertops is to remove clutter. For one, too much clutter on the countertop surface can limit your working space. Some people tend to be stressed easily when they see unnecessary clutter. As a result, it can affect their productivity and mood throughout the day.

Homeowners tend to put things on kitchen counters to get access to it easier. Plates and other utensils are often placed on the counter area. However, this common practice can limit your workspace and inadvertently create clutter in the kitchen. In such cases, perhaps you may consider having open shelving for your kitchen utensils.

Meanwhile, cookbooks can come in handy in the kitchen unless you use it often. Still, your cookbooks should be stored somewhere that won’t cause clutter in your kitchen. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to keep them inside a cabinet or give them away if you are not using it anymore.

But if you tend to look over your cookbooks for recipe ideas, why not try to replace it with something compact and more modern-looking? Consider installing a tablet containing kitchen-related apps that can help with your cooking activities. Use a hook or stand where you can secure the tablet. Make sure to keep it away from the stove or sink.

Utilize your kitchen countertop and cabinets

If you have enough space to add granite kitchen countertops or a kitchen island, you can use it as an additional storage space. Or, you can improvise by using your old drawer or dresser and turn it into your own kitchen island. You can repaint it, readjust its size, and add accessories and other features so it would match your kitchen theme as well.

You can do more to your existing cabinet and countertops, too. Use hooks and hanging organizers and install them on the countertop walls or inside the cabinets for additional storage for kitchen utensils and cleaning items. There are hanging racks that do not need screws to be installed. However, make sure it has strong support and only use these hanging organizers one hook at a time to ensure its stability.

You can also put other items inside the kitchen drawer aside from plates and silverware. Remove small clutter from your countertops by storing spices and other pantry items inside the drawer.

Use other parts of your kitchen area

Aside from the countertops, cabinets, and cupboards, you can also use other parts of your kitchen area as an additional storage area. For example, you can use the kitchen window sill to put your cleaning items or some kitchen canisters. You can also put small potted plants on the sill to add a touch of nature on your kitchen.

You can also turn your stove burner cover as additional workspace. Likewise, the space on top of the kitchen wall cabinet can also serve as an additional storage area. You can also utilize that slim space between your refrigerator and kitchen wall. You can build a DIY cabinet in that area, or use it to store cleaning tools such as the kitchen mop.

Big or small, you can make the most out of your kitchen space

It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is. Creativity and resourcefulness are keys for a cheap yet worthwhile kitchen renovation. But if you are planning for a countertop replacement, you can contact professional and reliable granite countertop installers in Durham and check them out today.

Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island

kitchen countertop replacement

If designed properly, every kitchen has the potential of great display, functionality and storage. Just like cabinets, flooring, appliances, kitchen countertop and lighting, Kitchen Island is an important part of kitchens. The kitchen island plays a vital role in the kitchen. The amenity of having Kitchen Island in your kitchen is an added advantage. If you are fortunate enough to design your own kitchen, do not forget to include Kitchen Island in your kitchen design. You will always get benefit from this ad-on.

Kitchen Island Benefits

Many homeowners avoid installing Kitchen Island thinking that it is waste of space and money. But there are practical benefits of having an island in the kitchen. It provides you the second working area in your kitchen. By installing Kitchen Island, you actually utilize your kitchen space in a better manner. There are countless benefits of having Kitchen Island, some of them are:

Add Storage Area

No matter how many cabinets you already have in your kitchen, they are not enough. There is always requirement for extra cabinets. You can beautifully hide kitchen cabinets under Kitchen Island. Under a kitchen island there is a great accessible storage area because it does not interfere with the mainstream area of the rest of the kitchen.

Get Extra Seating

Kitchen Island can also act like an informal dining area. You can obviously arrange chairs around the island and use the island to serve quick meals. With Kitchen Island you can always have quick access to family and guests while you are cooking.

Place additional kitchen amenities

Kitchen Island can actually make your kitchen more functional. You can store more stuff, spend more time with family and let kids easily access useful items. The storage area that you get underneath Kitchen Island let you keep your kitchen more organized.

Enhance the kitchen décor

Kitchen Island can actually enhance your kitchen décor. You can use scintillating kitchen countertop to display your island as the focal point of the kitchen. The granite countertop can be the best choice for Kitchen Island. A right kitchen island can actually make your ordinary kitchen look lush and plush.