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Things to consider before buying bathroom countertop

marble contractorChoosing a countertop material for bathroom vanity is a daunting task. There are so many factors that you have to consider before buying the countertop material. Today a lot of bathroom countertop choices available on the market. You will find endless color, texture and material options when you look for bathroom countertop surface. Every material has its own pros and cons. The material you choose solely depends on your use and budget.

Bathroom countertop material considerations

Bathroom countertop has to bear less wear and tear as compared to kitchen countertops, but still bathroom countertop is an expensive investment. You have to be very careful while selecting the bathroom countertop surface. Some countertop materials such as granite, marble, limestone, tile, concrete etc. can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms.

In order to select the right bathroom countertop material, you have to analyze each and every aspect of the material. The use of bathroom countertop is different that of kitchen countertop. Your selected material should be capable of handling water, cosmetics, soaps, heating rods, scratches etc. without losing its shine.

Considerations before buying bathroom countertop

Sizable Samples: Before finalizing any material for your bathroom, check out its sample. Analyze the true look and feel of the material by touching it. Check if the actual color and texture of the countertop match with the existing décor of your bathroom. Many good countertop companies provide sizable samples to their customers.

Watch the Warranty: Yes, countertop materials also come with warranty. Before purchasing any countertop, discuss about the warranty with your bathroom contractor. In case, countertop breaks within warranty period, you will not have to pay for repairs. However, only good companies offer warranty.

Consider the sink mounting: Sink mounting is another important thing to consider while selecting a countertop material. Different materials go with different types of sink mounting.

Countertop Price: Countertop price varies from company to company. In order to make the best purchase, compare the prices of various countertop companies. You can also visit the countertop factory and directly order your countertop from the factory. The direct manufacturers may provide you countertop at the lower price.

Quartz Countertops – What To Consider and How To Choose

quartz countertops

With the availability of so types of countertop materials, it is often challenging for homeowners to determine which countertop will be apt for their home. Quartz is one of the emerging countertop materials. This countertop material has shaken the well-established market of granite countertops. Many home décor experts are preferring quartz countertops over granite. Quartz countertops offer many of the same benefits that granite countertops offer as well as a few new benefits.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Quartz Countertops

Granite and marble have long been ruling the countertop market — but if you have checked a kitchen countertop showroom recently, you may have observed the growing popularity of scintillating quartz countertops. There are many reasons why people are choosing this manmade stone over natural stones, some of them are listed below:


Quartz can gracefully withstand everyday wear and tear of kitchen. This material is more durable than marble and granite. Even if you drop heavy objects on quartz countertop, it will not chip. This man made countertop material is specially designed to bear kitchen hassles.


Quartz is a low-maintenance kitchen countertop material. Since quartz countertops are made from fine quartz crystals, they are completely non-porous. Once your quartz countertop is polished and installed, you will never have to look after them again. Also, quartz can handle stains and spills better than other kitchen counter materials, including but not limited to granite.


When it comes to aesthetic appeal both quartz and granite countertops are winner. Just like granite, quartz countertops also come in oodles of colors, textures and design patterns. Additionally, solid quartz counters can easily hide seams.


Quartz and granite both are expensive countertop material. Market price of quartz and granite countertops is nearly same. Quartz is not much cheaper than granite. However, you can save some money on countertop installation (depends on the contractor you hire). Quartz countertops worth every penny you spend on them.

So, these are some apparent benefits of quartz countertops. In order to purchase the best quality quartz, you should opt for a reputable and trustworthy quartz countertop contractor or countertop factory.

A Guide for Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Countertops

bathroom countertop

Provide adorable appearance to your bathroom with beautiful countertops

When it comes to selecting perfect bathroom countertop material, granite countertop strikes as the first choice among countertop materials.  Why? Well, this is because granite countertops are tremendously durable plus they are scratching and stains resistant. These countertops, even append the appeal in bathroom area which is observed by everyone. Granite countertops are really very easy to clean and can be maintained effortlessly. Many home décor experts consider granite bathroom countertops as luxury material as they can add an imperial look in any alcove of the house. The rich and scintillating touch and look of granite countertops are the primary reason behind the increasing popularity of granite countertops.

Selecting a perfect countertop for bathroom can be a very confusing task if you are not sure about and what you want and what is available in the market. In order to make the best choice you should make some consideration like color, style, size, price, maintenance and ease of usage. If you have a clear mindset about countertop, it will become really very easy for you to select best from the best according to your specifications. There are many reputable companies and factories which can make countertops available to you according to your specifications.

How to select best bathroom countertops?

In order to select the best bathroom countertop, you can consult with your interior designer or architecture. These professionals can give best advice which can turn your ordinary bathroom in luxury bathroom, which you have always seen in Hollywood movies. Bathroom countertops are available in the market with a variety of color, design, material, pattern and artwork. You need to select one which goes with your interior design of a bathroom and your budget.

In order to get more ideas about latest designs of bathroom countertops you can also consult with your neighbor who own beautiful bathroom. If you desire to own unique and world class bathroom interior, you can take help of World Wide Web to select appropriate countertops for your bathroom. You can find the latest designs and price on the internet. And the internet also helps you in finding best countertop factory of your area so that you can crack a lucrative deal with them. One important thing that you need to consider before purchasing countertop is always buy them from reputable and trustworthy manufacturer.

Where can I find quality countertop resurfacing?

granite countertopsThe Countertop Factory in North Carolina offers the widest range of solid surface countertops in Raleigh, NC.  The types of countertops we offer range from laminate countertops and prefabricated granite countertops to quartz countertops, soapstone countertops and marble countertops!  Our most popular product is granite countertop because of its versatility.  There are a variety of granite countertops colors and styles available to fit your individual needs.

Visit our main website to learn more about Corian countertops, butcher block countertops, concrete countertops, glass countertops and stainless steel countertops.  Currently some of our other most popular products are recycled countertops, wood countertops and faux granite countertops.  Give us a call today to learn more about our granite countertops prices!