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Common Myths About Granite Countertops

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The longer something is popular, the faster myths grow about it. This is definitely true for granite. As granite strongly stands to the test of time as the finest kitchen countertop material, a lot of myths about granite are spread in the market. Granite is the first choice of homeowners for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is because granite possesses the all the qualities that homeowners want.

A Look at the Most Common Myths About Granite

Granite is a durable, beautiful and long-lasting material. This material can enhance the beauty of place where it is installed. Many homeowners avoid granite, because they have heard rumors about granite. Countertop installation is a big and expensive decision. In order to choose the best kitchen countertop material, it is important that you take an informed decision.

Myths About Granite

Myth #1: Granite Will Stain

This is one of the more enduring myths about granite. The truth is granite is a stain resistant material. It does not get stained easily. This material has the ability to withstand nature’s elements and maintain its original beauty.

Myth #2: Granite must be sealed regularly

This is the most popular myth about granite countertops. Well, the truth is annual sealing is enough to keep granite in the good condition. However, sealing will restore the shine of granite and your countertop will look as good as new.

Myth #3: Granite will lose its shine

Well, this might be true for marble, but not for granite! Granite is very dense material. Normal kitchen or bathroom activities simply do not introduce sufficient wear and tear to the granite surface to dull it. Rest assured that your granite countertops will maintain their shine for a good number of years to come.

Myth #4: Granite is difficult to maintain

Granite is an extremely low-maintenance material. You don’t even have to worry about its cleaning, soap and water is all you need.

Myth #5: Heat will crack granite

Granite is a heat resistant material. If you purchase granite countertop from a reputable granite contractor, you will get best of granite. It means you need not have to worry about putting hot pans or pots on your granite surface.

Smart strategies for Kitchen remodeling

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Kitchen renovation eases your routine life and provides value to your property. In order to update the look and feel of a kitchen, there are several things which are needed to be taken care, such as kitchen flooring, kitchen countertop installation, kitchen appliance update, lighting etc.

Best kitchen renovation tips

Kitchens are the heart of house. That’s why many homeowners spend a lot of money on their kitchen remodeling project as compared to any other home improvement venture.

To maximize your return from the investment you make on your kitchen, follow these simple kitchen remodeling strategies. Keep on reading to learn moreabout various kitchen renovation tips to make your kitchen a space functional, well designed and easy to work in.

A perfect kitchen remodeling guide

#1: Do the panning: Make a proper chart of things you want in your new renovated kitchen prior starting the construction work. This planning will give you as well as the remodeling contractor a clear idea of your dream kitchen. Planning will save you from inconvenience during or after construction and will also help you to stay in budget.

#2: Determine the budget: It is very easy to get carried away while planning the kitchen. But you should plan a budget and stick to it.

#3: Keep the foot prints in mind: If you are thinking of knocking down a wall or changing the location of sink or any electrical fitting, do not forget to change the location of plumbing pipes and appliance fixture as well. However, if possible keep walls, appliances and the water fixtures in the same location.

#4: The countertop: Your kitchen should not look like a showroom, it should reflect you. Instead of running behind the countertop in trend, select a countertop material which you think you are comfortable working on. There are many countertop materials to choose from, pick the best kitchen countertop which goes best with your kitchen.

#5: Talk to the remodelers: Establish a good relationship with the remodeling workers; be clear about the rules of your house.

If you want to know more about kitchen remodeling, there are many kitchen remodeling websites on the World Wide Web you can check their blogs for more tips and ideas on kitchen modeling.

Choosing Bamboo as the countertop surface

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Bamboo surfaces countertops: eco-friendly countertops

Bamboo is a pretty amazing material and countertop made up of bamboo is just one of the fine examples of the versatility of this material. If you have been trying to find a countertop material that looks only one of a kind but still propose good functionality. Then bamboo countertop is a good choice for you. The key to triumph with bamboo countertops is to understand that they are not made up of standardized bamboo slabs, but rather they are a beautiful “assembly” of pieces of bamboo. It is also significant to know that bamboo material has diverse characteristics based on how it is constructed.

So, if you are thinking to multiply the beauty of your kitchen without hurting the environment, then you should totally go for the eco friendly countertop made up of bamboo. For the bamboo countertop installation, you don’t have to try hard all you have to do is find the best kitchen countertop installation contractor, set the deal and watch the countertop installed at your house without any tension. Now you might be thinking that why you should choose bamboo as your countertop material, just cause it is eco-friendly. To, clear all of your doubts below is list of advantages of bamboo countertops have a look.

Features and benefits of bamboo countertops

Durable: The bamboo countertops have highly thick surface that can hold up to moisture, food spills and even cutting.

Easy installation: The countertops made up of bamboo get installed easily like any other hardwood.

Affordable: One of the best features of these eco-friendly countertops is that they are least expensive countertop to purchase install and maintain.

Low-maintenance: The bamboo countertops are easy to handle, it can be easily refurnished and sanded.

Non-toxic: The bamboo countertops are formaldehyde-free.

Bacteria-resistant: The bamboo countertops hold a naturally occurring bacteria resistant manager.

Eco-friendly: These kitchen countertops aremanufactured from 100% renewable Moso bamboo which is a sustainably harvested bamboo variety.

Comes in Three styles: The bamboo countertops are available in tree varieties, the Traditional (vertical or horizontal granule), Parquet Butcher Block and the Strand. Making it more self satisfactory for you to choose the perfect fit for your kitchen.