How Often Should I Seal My Countertops?

By | March 5, 2012

Sealing your granite or other hard stone countertops will ensure that they stay pristine for years to come. However your countertop seal can begin to break down over time or do to specific cleaning practices, therefore it is vital that you have your countertops resealed on a regular basis. Sealing your countertops protects your porous stones from damage due to spills or chemical breakdown. Some things that can deteriorate your sealer more quickly are cleaners or products that are naturally acidic or alkaline. Acidic products like citrus based cleaners or vinegar cleaners may break down a water or silicone based sealer more quickly than a pH neutral cleaner. Also how often you utilize these cleaners can help you determine how quickly your granite countertops needs resealing. Also it is important to make sure that if your stone is a high porous model that you get it sealed more often. To test your stone countertops see if water continually beads up on it, if the water no longer beads it is time to get your countertops resealed. Your countertops are an investment to your homes overall value help to maintain their beauty by getting them resealed on a regular basis. If your countertops are in need of a reseal don’t hesitate to contact the expert countertop contractors at The Countertop Factory.

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