Choosing The Granite Countertops

By | August 1, 2016

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Granite is the top choice of the homeowners for kitchen countertop material. Selecting countertops usually involves a combination of inputs including the price of the countertop, look and feel of the material and kitchen d├ęcor. Every homeowner wants their kitchen to look clean and beautiful. This is the reason why granite is the most preferred kitchen countertop material.

Know granite slabs

There are many types of granite countertops available on the market. Not all granite surfaces offer the durability, finish and scratch and stain resistance capacity that a good quality granite slab offer. If you want to enjoy all the features of granite countertop, you will have to select the granite slab wisely.

Tips for choosing the best granite countertops

If you are planning to invest on granite for your kitchen the below mentioned tips might help you out:

Choose the slabs that will go in your kitchen: Do not rely on small sample slabs of stones choosing the appropriate granite for your kitchen. These samples are useful only for understanding the predominant color and pattern of the given granite but they do not tell the whole picture. Thus, you should have clear idea that how particular granite countertop pattern is going to look in your kitchen.

Don’t choose stone slabs in bright sunlight: Never ever examine granite slab in open. It is difficult to identify the actual textures and colors of the granite in bright sunshine. The same slab will look different indoors. At outdoors the colors can tend to get washed out.

Compare the price: Price of granite countertop varies. The price varies from vendor to vendor. Since purchasing granite countertop is a big investment, you should compare the price of countertops. It is possible to find price variance in same quality of granite. So, do some research before actually purchasing the granite.

Pay attention over the size of single slab: If possible, measure the size a kitchen counter to know about the availability of slab sizes in the patterns of granite you want.

Know about granite sealing: Since granite countertops demand regular sealing, you should consult this matter with the granite contractor.

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