Replacement Countertop Raleigh, NC, Checklist

The Night Before Your Template

  • Have all countertops completely cleared of all household items

The Night Before Your Installation (one week later)

  • Have all countertops cleared of all household items
  • Remove all drawers
  • Remove contents from at least the top shelf of the lower cabinets, and under the sink. There will be dust and small amounts of debris generated during your installation.  Your removal of these items will minimize cleanup afterward, and insure our technicians a safe and clean environment with which to work.
  • Provide a clear path from the nearest door to the countertop location, to insure safe and damage free maneuvering through your home.
  • Know the location of the main water shutoff valve in your home. Some installations require the water to the house to be cut off due to faulty water valves at the sink location.
  • Have your new faucet on hand, or the number of holes needed for your new faucet.
  • If your countertop has a built-in cook top, it will need to be removed prior to our arrival.
  • Any Gas lines must be disconnected prior to our arrival. We CAN NOT disconnect, or reconnect any gas lines.
  • Ranges and Cook tops with downdrafts, must also be removed prior to our arrival

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