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Founded in 2002 in Raleigh, North Carolina, The Countertop Factory (TCF) was built on the belief that "the customer is boss" and that delighting our customer should be our top priority. Entering our fourth year, TCF has grown to become the largest Corian fabricator in Raleigh and one of the largest in the state of North Carolina. We attribute this growth to our success in delivering high-quality counter tops with the required flexibility to meet the needs of our customers. Starting from day one, The Countertop Factory formed a close relationship with the largest Corian fabricator on the West Coast of Florida, H.I.S Cabinetry. H.I.S. and TCF formed a tight affiliation based on the common principle that "the customer is boss".

These two organizations have partnered to jointly develop programs that improve their customers' overall experience within their markets. Sharing knowledge and innovative ideas for improving customer service allowed these companies to better serve their respective customers. For example, while the industry standard was a 14 day turnaround on Corian® kitchen counter tops, we introduced a five day turnaround for customers in both locations. In addition, TCF/ H.I.S. were the first companies, and to this day one of the only, in their markets offering a one day turnaround for those tight times when a Customer must meet immediate deadlines.

Due to its impeccable craftsmanship, precise scheduling, and flexibility to fit each of its customers' special needs, clients have rewarded TCF/ H.I.S. with over 70-90 counter tops everyday.

In 2005, TCF/H.I.S looked to extend their successful model to a new market. After extensive research, the Chicago area was identified as an ideal location for further expansion. Not only does the market offer strong demand for new homes and a strong remodeling initiative, but the number of high-quality homebuilders in the market is outstanding. With that, The Countertop Factory - Midwest officially set up shop in Addison, Illinois in 2005. This new location is committed to deliver the outstanding service and quality that allows the six other locations to delight their customers.

At The Countertop Factory we believe The Customer is Boss!

What does this mean?
In the simplest terms, this means delighting our customers with high-quality counter tops combined with excellent service - everyday. We understand that our customers have a significant number of options when selecting a counter top fabricator. In addition, each customer has unique needs and requirements to make their business or project successful. To deliver on "The Customer is Boss" philosophy, TCF operates with complete flexibility in adjusting our approach to meet our customers' needs. Our customers deserve the right product, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price. We believe delivering those elements lead to delighted customers.

How does this come to life?
We do a full Needs Assessment with every customer to ensure we understand the specific requirements of each project. This assessment covers not only the project details (material, design, lead time), but also includes a review of desired communication levels and follow-up. Our objective is to deliver a level of customer service which agrees with the needs of each particular customer. Also, we understand there are times when counter tops will need to be expedited to maintain a schedule, so TCF has developed a program that turns counter tops around in 24-48 hours (from template) if required.

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Our History | Our Philosophy | Directions to TCF