Marble Counter tops: For Pure Elegance

marble countertop

Are you looking for a beautiful countertop surface? Are you searching for durable countertop material? Or is your search related to natural stone countertops? Well, if so, then marble countertop is all you need. Marble is an amazing choice for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Marble countertops can be the ultimate choice for any space. These countertops come with their own set of benefits.

Facts about marble countertops

The sheer while slabs of marble countertops are not only beautiful but they are also durable. Marble countertops are made from metamorphic rock. This means that it has been subjected to heat and pressure to turns into a beautiful stone. This stone will not be affected by hotpots, load and scratches. It is suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms.

There are many more reasons why you should choose marble to decorate your kitchen, some of them are:

Classic beauty: Beauty is one of the best features of marble countertops. If you are fond of white decor, then no other countertop surface can beat the elegance of the white marble countertop. Marble countertops enhance the beauty of space where they are installed.

Naturally cool: This countertop stays cool naturally. It is not a heat conductor. If you enjoy baking in your kitchen, you would love working on marble countertop.

Heat resistant: It is one of the best features you can ever find for a kitchen. Marble is heat resistant material, but you should not place a hotpot that directly comes from the stove on it.

Durable: Marble is quite durable material, though it is porous. This material cannot take the bumps and bruises like quartz, but it can provide long lasting service.

Easy to find: Marble countertops are easily available on the market. The market is full of different grades of marble slabs.

Buy marble countertops

Marble countertops are quite expensive. You can find many contractors on the market when you look for marble countertops. You should wisely select the marble countertop contractor. It is best to hire a contractor who directly deals with the countertop factories or companies. Such contractors can get you the countertop at reasonable price.

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Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island

kitchen countertop replacement

If designed properly, every kitchen has the potential of great display, functionality and storage. Just like cabinets, flooring, appliances, kitchen countertop and lighting, Kitchen Island is an important part of kitchens. The kitchen island plays a vital role in the kitchen. The amenity of having Kitchen Island in your kitchen is an added advantage. If you are fortunate enough to design your own kitchen, do not forget to include Kitchen Island in your kitchen design. You will always get benefit from this ad-on.

Kitchen Island Benefits

Many homeowners avoid installing Kitchen Island thinking that it is waste of space and money. But there are practical benefits of having an island in the kitchen. It provides you the second working area in your kitchen. By installing Kitchen Island, you actually utilize your kitchen space in a better manner. There are countless benefits of having Kitchen Island, some of them are:

Add Storage Area

No matter how many cabinets you already have in your kitchen, they are not enough. There is always requirement for extra cabinets. You can beautifully hide kitchen cabinets under Kitchen Island. Under a kitchen island there is a great accessible storage area because it does not interfere with the mainstream area of the rest of the kitchen.

Get Extra Seating

Kitchen Island can also act like an informal dining area. You can obviously arrange chairs around the island and use the island to serve quick meals. With Kitchen Island you can always have quick access to family and guests while you are cooking.

Place additional kitchen amenities

Kitchen Island can actually make your kitchen more functional. You can store more stuff, spend more time with family and let kids easily access useful items. The storage area that you get underneath Kitchen Island let you keep your kitchen more organized.

Enhance the kitchen décor

Kitchen Island can actually enhance your kitchen décor. You can use scintillating kitchen countertop to display your island as the focal point of the kitchen. The granite countertop can be the best choice for Kitchen Island. A right kitchen island can actually make your ordinary kitchen look lush and plush.

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Choose Countertops With Confidence

indoor kitchen countertop, outdoor kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertop plays an important role in your kitchen décor. It helps you to set tone and style for your space. There are plenty of kitchen countertop replacement options, from granite to marble to wood. The entre process of selecting the countertop material is confusing. It is not easy to settle for a countertop surface, as every material has its own benefit. It is important to list out your needs and requirements before choosing the countertop surface.

How to select the right countertop for your kitchen

The very first thing that you have to consider while choosing the countertop is “how much you are willing to spend?” Kitchen countertops are available in variety of price range. You are required to set your budget first and then explore the options within that budget. You can find oodles of options in one range also.

Next thing to consider is your lifestyle. It is important to look qualities such as durability, and heat and scratch resistance in the countertop material. A countertop material should be capable of withstanding daily wear and tear.

Another important thing to consider while choosing the kitchen countertop surface is maintainability. A good countertop surface should not demand much maintenance to remain in a presentable condition. Some countertop requires regular sealing. It is important to consider these aspects before choosing the countertop surface.

More on selecting the kitchen countertop surface

Modern countertops have many distinct features that you have never heard about. Some countertop surfaces have excellent germ resistant features. These countertops provide you a healthy and hygienic work surface.

Some countertop materials are not good for environment. It is good to select the environmentally friendly countertop for your kitchen. By doing this, you can actually promote environmentally friendly activities in your home.

Kitchen countertops are made to get dirty. Make sure the countertop you choose should be easy to clean. It should get cleaned with soap water and cloth. This is one of the qualities that should consider. Last, choose the right kitchen countertop contractor for countertop installation. Only a professional can install your countertop in an adequate manner.


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Your ultimate Guide to Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

granite countertop care

The availability of so many kitchen countertop options at the fingertips has made countertop selection task extremely confusing for homeowners. Since kitchen countertops ends up influencing many kitchen palettes, it is important to select something that looks beautiful, will hold up your kitchen activities and has a price tag that fits within your budget.

The Modern Kitchen: Countertop Materials to Consider

Countertops can make or break the appearance of your kitchen. Technology has introduced a wide variety of design, color, texture, and finish choices possible. While most of the modern kitchen countertops are durable, it is a good idea to select a countertop surface that always work with cutting boards, coffee spills, hot pots, and knifes. This is how you can enjoy your kitchen countertop to full extent.

Soapstone Kitchen Counters

Soapstone is known for its resistance towards chemicals, stains and bacteria. It is a durable choice for kitchen countertop surface. Although it is expensive than other countertop surfaces, it worth every penny you spend on them. You can find variety of designs in soapstone countertop to compliment your kitchen décor.

Granite Kitchen Counters

There are so many reasons behind the popularity of granite as a kitchen countertop material. This countertop material has been ruling in kitchens since a long time. Granite countertops have their own charm. They are available in plenty of colors and customizable finishes. Every granite slab has its own unique texture.

Copper Kitchen Counters

Yes, copper is not a popular countertop material, but it is trending a lot these days. If you are willing to provide royal and rustic look to your kitchen, you should consider installing copper countertop in your kitchen. This surface is very easy to clean and maintain. However, copper countertops are not for perfectionists. It reacts to different substances and gets stained.

Engineered Quartz Kitchen Counters

This material is for customized homes. Engineered Quartz is one of the best kitchen countertop surfaces available on the market. You can find many design patterns in quartz kitchen countertop. Quartz countertops are eco-friendly choice as well. This countertop is suitable for all kinds of kitchens.

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Resurfacing Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertop replacement

Over time, kitchen countertops lose their sheen and shine because of scratches and burns. Kitchen countertop resurfacing is a popular and budget-friendly option available for perking up the entire look and feel of your kitchen. Perhaps the most exciting thing about kitchen countertop replacement is the scope of using a number of designs, color and materials to get your desired worktop.

Things to consider while resurfacing the kitchen countertop

There are plenty of things to consider when you are planning for kitchen countertop resurfacing. It is because countertop replacement is an expensive investment, which is going to impact over a long period of time.

Beauty: Every homeowner wants their countertop to look good in their kitchen. A kitchen countertop should look good. Opt for material that is available in plenty of colors, textures and finishing. Your chosen countertop surface should also have the quality of maintaining its sheen and shine for years.

Maintainability: Maintainability is another important aspect of the countertop. Don’t opt for countertop surface that stain or scratched easily. There are many countertop surfaces available on the market that possesses stain and scratch resistant quality.

Durability: If you want your countertop surface to last longer, you should take durability into account while purchasing the kitchen countertop. A countertop surface should not get cracked or chipped easily.

Cost efficiency: Kitchen countertops are available in wide-range of prices. You should look for the countertop surface that not only fits into your budget specifications, but also provide value for your money. If you are looking for cost effective options, then ceramic, tile and concrete countertops are all you need.

Kitchen renovation with new countertop

A new kitchen countertop can instantly change the way your kitchen look. Along with choosing the right countertop surface, you should take care of many other small and big aspects of kitchen countertop resurfacing.

Kitchen countertop installation is another important aspect to consider. A countertop should be properly sized, cut and fixed for the perfect finish. It is not possible to get such level of perfection with DIY methods. Hiring a countertop contractor for this purpose is a good idea. These professionals know how to adequately install the countertop.

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Choose Your Vanity Top with care

bathroom vanity tops

A bathroom countertop plays an important role in the bathroom since it has to be hard-wearing and capable of being resistant to soap, cosmetics and water. The vanity top provides work surface during morning hours in the bathroom, it should full fill all your needs and requirements. A bathroom vanity top should also be the most highlighting feature of the bathroom. It is a connecting point, where wooden cabinets joins tile wall above. The countertop surface you choose mainly depends on your budget and requirements.

Bathroom vanity top materials

Today, you can find so many material choices in bathroom vanity materials. Each material has something different to offer. Before committing to any countertop surface, you should know its pros and cons. Also, you should do some research to understand the features of various countertop materials.

Granite and Marble Vanity Tops

Marble and granite vanity top will provide rich and sleek look to your bathroom. Installing the granite or marble vanity top is a good decision, as these materials can handle both water and wear. However, granite needs to be sealed every year and marble tend to stain much easily.

Quartz Vanity Tops

Quartz is an extremely durable and is of low-maintenance material. Scratches that occur on quartz surface can be easily removed using sandpaper. This material is also capable of withstanding heat. So, your vanity top will not get affected by the curling rods.

Laminated Vanity Tops

Laminated vanity tops are budget friendly. These countertops are easily available in oodles of design patterns. Laminate tops are very versatile. These surfaces stands up to water and are stain proof. However, these countertops get dent and dull over time.

Tile Vanity Tops

Tile vanity tops have both upside and downside. These countertops are available in various patterns, designs and colors. You can use your artistic detailing with tile vanity tops, as they can be cut to according to your preferences without much effort.

Wood Vanity Tops

Wood may not be the first material that strike in your mind when you think about bathroom vanity top surface, but wood offers a warm and inviting touch to the bathroom.

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Countertops and the Environment

kitchen countertop replacement

Choosing a kitchen or bathroom countertop is often about aesthetic value, durability and of course the price. However, these are not the only aspects that you should consider. A socially responsible homeowner should consider the impact of the countertop material on the environment and health. There are some countertop materials which are environmentally friendly while some materials are not safe for the environment. It is your responsibility to not to promote the use of materials that are dangerous to environment.

Choosing the environmentally friendly countertops

If you think that environmentally friendly countertop materials will not look good or will be expensive or will require more maintenance, then you are wrong. There are fantastic countertop materials which are not only environmentally friendly, but also fulfill needs and requirements of homeowners.

Natural stone countertops

Marble and granite are the most popular countertop materials. The good thing about these natural stones is that they are environmentally friendly. These countertop surfaces last for long period of time and are fully recyclable. However, process and transportation of these countertops requires a lot of energy, which is a big toll on environment.

Engineered quartz countertops

Engineered quartz is a manmade countertop material which consists of 90% quartz. This material utilizes polyester resin and pigments to get colors. The impact of quartz on environmental is low, as the raw materials are locally sourced, and fabrication also done locally. Thus, this manmade countertop is quite good in terms of environment friendliness.

Concrete countertops

Many homeowners think of concrete as a standard dray material, but painted concrete countertops are actually beautiful. Concrete is a good countertops material due to its to heat and scratch resistant quality. Manufacturing cement needs considerable energy and the concrete countertop processing create a lot more pollution than most countertop materials. The processing of the concrete countertop is not good for environment.

Wood countertops

Wood countertops are aesthetically pleasing. While cutting down trees may appear not safe for environment, but most wood countertops come from forests and made from fast growing tree species such as bamboo. Bamboo countertops are one of the most environmentally friendly countertops. However, their transportation is a big toll on the environment.

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Increase the Life of Your Granite Kitchen Counters

new kitchen countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, every home improvement magazine and website approves natural stone countertops and backsplashes are all the rage. Many newly renovated kitchens features environmentally friendly granite countertops. During the process for selecting new kitchen countertops, you may want something durable, stylish, low-maintenance and budget-friendly. Granite meets all these requirements because granite is extracted from the surface of the earth. This countertop material can withstand both cold and hot temperatures, as well as extreme pressure before cracks or chips.

How to Maintain Granite Countertops

After granite countertop installation, you should know how to maintain the granite surface. While granite is a durable surface, just like all natural stones, if you fail to provide the right care to the surface, it will start to break down at faster rate. Granite deterioration will become apparent with signs such as cracks, stains, and surface blemishes. Here are some helpful tips to help you maintain the granite countertops and increase their lifespan:

Understanding the benefits of granite sealers

Granite is a porous material. It absorbs moisture from spills. That is why granite sealing is required. Granite countertop sealing not only helps countertop to look good, but it also keeps mildew and bacteria from soaking into the seams. The seam is the area where two granite slabs are joined against each other.

Preparing granite counters for a routine cleaning

Once your countertop is sealed, you will have to learn how to keep it clean. Before you actually start cleaning your granite countertop, scrub off all crumbs and ensure that you are able to reach all areas of the countertop. Then clean the surface with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Using mild cleaning agent

Harsh chemicals can destroy the sealing and eventually granite surface. Thus, it is always advisable to use mild cleaning agents to clean the granite kitchen counters. You can opt for the homemade and environmentally friendly cleaners for this purpose.

Clean spills as soon as you can

Cleaning spills as soon as they come into notice is always a good idea. In case something acidic spills on the countertop, you can minimize the damage to countertop by cleaning it right away.


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Cleaning Countertop Surfaces

countertop company

Countertops are a large investment for a kitchen or bathroom. They are functional as well as decorative units that come in various surface types. No matter what type of countertop surface you have, they will ultimately need to be cleaned. Every countertop surface has its own unique cleaning needs. Both kitchen and bathroom countertops are required to be cleaned time to time. Also, countertop cleaning is one of the mandatory tasks.

Kitchen countertop cleaning

Most countertop surfaces can be kept clean with same basic care, regardless of what type they are. But there are some countertop surfaces that require very precise care and maintenance. Along the same lines, there are countertop surfaces that should not be spilled, stained or allowed to sit on them for any extended time period. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent for laminate countertops, but it is really very bad for marble countertops. Knowing what type of material is in your kitchen, will help you knowing what you should and shouldn’t use to clean them.

Daily countertop care

Dust and dirt can scratch countertop surface. Spills that remain for too long on countertops may become extremely difficult to clean. For this reason, a daily countertop cleaning routine becomes very important. Just wipe countertop using a soft clean cloth on a day when you haven’t used your countertop. If more extensive cleaning is required, use soft cloth and soap water to clean your countertop surface. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for specific countertop material. Some countertop materials can be damaged by cleaning agents.

Spills can stain nearly every countertop. Porous stones that require resealing will absorb spills easily, and discolor the countertop surface. Laminated surfaces can also get discolored from spills. When a spill occurs, clean them right away. Removing spills instantly will help you protecting your kitchen counter in the long run.

Even big messes can be cleaned with basic cleaning methods. To clean your countertops, begin with the basic methods such as –dry dusting and cleaning with wet cloth. Only opt for special cleaning agents or dish soap on countertop type, if it is needed.


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How to replace bathroom vanity top?

bathroom vanity tops

A new vanity top can add style to your bathroom décor. If your bathroom vanity looks abraded, too big or just not right for your bathroom, you can change it. Changing bathroom countertop is not as difficult as changing kitchen countertop. With the help of DIY hacks and tools, you can replace bathroom vanity top by yourself.

Install a Bath Vanity Top

Bathroom vanity top installation is a time consuming yet quite easy. However, you should get your facts clear about countertop installation before doing this task. If not handled with care, you may end up breaking your vanity or countertop.

Update Your Vanity Top

Take measurement of vanity base using measuring tape and note down the measurements. According to these measurements, buy a new vanity top. The countertop you choose will depend on the available area and your personal taste.

You will find a number of countertop materials options. Some popular vanity top materials are –granite, marble and quartz. The countertop material you choose should possess water, scratch and stain resistant quality.

When you start installing your vanity top, turn off the water supply to the bathroom. Detach the drain pipes from the sink unit with the help of a pipe wrench. Then detach the supply lines from the faucet assembly.

Use a screwdriver to reach inside the vanity base and remove the securing clips that hold the countertop in place. Remove the old countertop by lifting it and set it aside. Check drain lines and water supply pipes for damages. Change them if required before you start installing the new vanity top.

Put a level on the vanity base edges and check that level from front to back and side to side. Place the countertop on the base of vanity and level it. Fix the vanity top using a screwdriver. Install the new faucet on the vanity top by following instructions given by manufacturer. Connect the water supply lines again.

You can easily install vanity tops by following above mentioned instructions. And if you are not comfortable with installing countertop on your own, you can contact a bathroom vanity top contractor for installation.

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