A guide to right bathroom countertop material

bathroom countertop

Today, bathrooms have become much larger than how they used to be. Homeowners are taking much interest over style, comfort, beauty and amenities of a bathroom. Well, bathroom countertops are one of the important parts of this bathroom decoration evolution. It is important to select countertop which compliment bathroom décor and will hold up under the bathroom activities of and has a price tag which fits in your budget.

Choosing Bathroom countertop material

Bathroom countertops have to bear less abrasion than kitchen countertops. It means you can select bathroom countertops based on aesthetics rather than toughness. Now, when you are looking for bathroom countertop materials take appearance, maintenance requirement and budget into your consideration.

The choices in bathroom countertop material are overwhelming, but selecting the right material for your bath area is an essential aspect of bathroom design. The popular bathroom countertop materials are marble, granite, quartz, tile and solid surface. However, marble and solid surface are most loved bathroom countertop material.

Bathroom countertops- Things to consider


Appearance is important aspect of bathroom countertop. A countertop can become one of the luxury features of your luxury bathroom design. For best appearance, you should opt for countertop in matching color with your bathtub. However, marble countertop material is ideal choice for a bathroom when it comes to appearance.

Resistance to stain

You obviously do not want to get any sort of stain on your countertop which can blemish your luxury bathroom design. So while selecting the bathroom countertop, opt for material which offer maximum stain resistant quality.


Install a bathroom countertop which is easy to clean. A bathroom countertop should get cleaned with minimum possible efforts. The non porous materials like hard surface, laminate etc. can be cleaned easily. On the other hand, porous materials like granite, wood etc. are not easy to clean. So, avoid porous materials.


If you do not pay attention, a bathroom countertop material can blow off your entire bathroom remodeling budget. You have to select a bathroom countertop material which fits into your budget specifications. Don’t worry; you can get excellent bathroom countertops in budget.

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Knowing about the kitchen countertop materials

countertop materials

Upgrade the countertop and add value to your kitchen

At first glimpse, a brand new kitchen countertop will make the kitchen look beautiful and new. Integrating capability and appearance countertops are one of the major elements of any kitchen. There are a number of countertop materials present in the market like the granite, silestone, marble, natural stone etc. But while selecting a countertop for your kitchen do not make the mistake that everyone does by selecting the top trending countertop material. Select a cost-effective countertop that is beautiful and strong at the same time.

5 Cost friendly countertops

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen, then below are mentioned 5 most cost effective yet attractive countertop materials. Choose the one that fits your budget and get the countertop installation done in your kitchen as soon as possible.

Ceramic countertops

You can choose the ceramic countertops as they are easy to set up. You can even install them by yourself. If you like to keep you place plain and simple then the ceramic countertops are one of the best option available for you.

Silestone countertops

Silestone countertops come in a variety of dynamic colors that boost their visual allure. You can choose this material for your countertop as the silestone countertops are less expensive compared to the quartz and granite countertop.

Laminate countertops

In the crowd of countertop materials, the laminate countertops are the most inexpensive countertop material present. The laminate countertops are beautiful and easy to install but its only drawback is its vulnerability to abrasions, cuts, and high temperatures.

Quartz countertops

Quartz countertop…can make anyone fall in love with their appearance in just one glance. They are less porous and long-lasting countertops. However, they are a bit expensive than the other countertop materials mentioned above.

Granite countertops

The granite countertops do not require any introduction or specification, almost everyone knows about the specialties of this countertop material. Granite is the most preferred countertop material all around the world. The granite countertop can bear every type of wear and tear without losing their luster. Yes they are expensive but the price is worth the granite countertop material.


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Your complete guide to kitchen countertop replacement

kitchen countertop replacement

Countertop replacement: Remodeling kitchen for a fresh look

Thinking about kitchen renovation? Changing the countertop of your kitchen is the quickest and the best way to instantly enhance the appearance of your kitchen without causing a dent on your bank balance. There is present a wide variety of kitchen countertop available in the market from which you can choose the best one suited for your kitchen. However, kitchen countertop replacement may sound an easy task, but there are a few things that you should think about before going for kitchen countertop replacement. The things that you should consider while selecting a countertop for your kitchen is mentioned below have a look.

Tips to select countertop replacement!

Here are a few stuffs that you should keep in mind while selecting a countertop replacement for your kitchen:

  • The budget: There are zillions of attractive designs of countertop available in the market. Each one of them is better than the other, there is no way one can control himself when he see these countertops. Selecting a beautiful countertop for your kitchen is not a bad thing. But selecting an expensive countertop which exceeds your budget is not a vice choice either. So, keep your budget in your mind while choosing the countertop to save yourself from getting out of money till the end of the month!
  • Countertop usage: Keeping the use of countertop in mind while choosing a countertop for your kitchen is also important. For example if you are thinking about countertop installation to enhance the appearance of your kitchen (just for the show purpose) then you should consider the marble and Silestone countertops but if you are looking for countertop replacement which is strong enough to bare daily wear and tear of the kitchen and yet manages to stay beautiful for years without much care then you should consider granite countertop installation for your place.
  • The countertop installation company: Selecting a good material and an under budget countertop is just not enough to have a happy countertop replacement. In order to get a fuzz free replacement of your kitchen countertop, you need to select an experienced and well known kitchen countertop company.
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Your Complete Guide to Granite Countertops

kitchen countertop

Granite Countertop Guide

Certainly, you have many choices available in countertop material these days. But a brand new granite countertop is always coming on the top of kitchen remodeling project requirement list. And why not? This durable, scintillating and low maintenance material comes with its own unique benefits. Though there are countertop materials like quartz, solid surface, marble, bamboo and much more, granite has its own charm. Presence of granite countertop gives an ultimate look and feel to the kitchen.

Granite countertop comes in many textures, style and color choices. Granite has excellent top material which makes it apt for indoor kitchen countertop, outdoor kitchen countertop and bathroom countertops. No other countertop material can work so consistency with grace and ease across a lot of different applications. With so many impressive qualities, it remains no surprise why granite countertops are among the first choice of homeowners. Whether remodeling or buying new countertop, granite acquires top position.

Why Granite Countertops are so popular?

Granite countertops are popular choices in kitchen countertop material because of their extensive design patterns, superior performance, extraordinary looks and low maintenance. Granite is always rated the best performing kitchen countertop material by homeowners and home designing experts. As granite countertops not merely looks good, but also provide great ease while working on them.

Granite countertops are available in many colors like golden browns, white granite, pale pinks, blacks, deep plums, exotic blues and some colors in between them. It means, now you can think about your kitchen decoration beyond traditional color boundaries. Also, the choices in surface patterns are oodles.

Granite is one of the hardest and strongest materials which can bear heat, load, stain, scratches, and still maintain its beauty. This material is regarded as a good choice for kitchen countertop material because it is a hygienic surface. It is really very easy to clean it. No special tool or cleaning agent is required for cleaning. However, granite material stains easily and strains are clearly visible on them. But cleaning the strains is very much easy.

So, if you are thinking about installing new countertops, think about granite!


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Replacing Bathroom Countertop? What You Need to Know

bathroom countertop

Bathroom Countertop Replacement

A countertop can either make or break the appearance of your bathroom. Bathroom countertops are not merely for display, they do have applications in bathrooms. However, at some point of time appearance of bathroom countertops do matter. The water, starches and age not only steal the beauty of countertops, but also decrease their usability. Thankfully, countertop replacement option is available to every homeowner, and countertop replacement is a far better option over countertop repair. A repaired countertop neither looks attractive nor is it comfortable to use.

There is a wide range of countertop options available for you, from surface material to edge style and from color to texture design you will get oodles of choices. You can even install a completely customized countertop which is unique to your home.

Bathroom Countertop Replacement – What to Expect

When you select countertop for your bathroom first check out its compatibility with sinks, faucets and kitchen furniture, this will help you in determining if any adjustment requires to be made and where. Do not forget to check out the plumbing concern. This is must required when you are replacing your countertop by yourself. In case, plumbing system gets disturbed, it will trouble you in future. Well, it would be even better to take professional help for bathroom countertop installation.

Installation of new countertops has become really very easy nowadays. There are countertop companies which offer a complete range of countertop installation services. They have natural stone, marble, granite, quartz and many more countertops material to offer. These companies even have trained staff who take precious measurement of your bathroom and install countertops with perfect fabrication. In the whole process of installation, you just do not have to bother about anything.

There are many advantages of choosing a reputable countertop company for countertop installation. The countertop company will provide you many choices in bathroom countertop material, professional assistance, on-site consultation, customized fabrication, quality craftsmanship, quality material, competitive price and fast turnaround. By choosing a good countertop company, you can get countertops according to your specifications and work according to your requirements. The same thing is applicable for kitchen countertops.

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The proper way of caring the granite countertop

granite countertop care

The Granite countertop

Granite is a very gorgeous and trustworthy stone which comes in a wide variety of hues and colors. Granite has been used for many centuries as a reliable building material, due to their durability the Granite countertops are considered as an extravagant enhancement for any house, the granite countertops are beautiful to behold and are also capable of giving a classy and graceful touch to any room.

Granite countertops undoubtedly are useful investment for any house. The granite countertop installation increases the beauty and value of your house. But it important to supply proper maintenance and care to this countertop in order to keep its look intact

Tip for granite countertop management

Here are a few suggestions that will guide you to keep your granite countertop in its top notch condition.

Proper cleaning: To have beautiful looking granite countertops, all you have to do is clean them on a regular basis. Small food particles or scum build-up can cause your countertop feel “coarse” and also lose its glow. You can use razors to clean the countertop, but do not forget to ask your professional countertop service before doing such cleaning.

Prevent staining: You should try and prevent the stains from settling on the countertop surface. Oftentimes the stains can be removed by just cleaning the countertop surface with soap water. In case the stains are not removed with just soap water, please do not try the acidic cleanser to remove the stain as this might leave scratches on the countertop. After proper cleaning wipe the countertop with clean, dry cloth.

Sealing: You can also try the Sealing on your countertop to prevent it from getting stained. Sealing act as a barrier between the various materials and the granite countertop and hence prevent the countertop from getting any sort of damage. Sealing can also keep your countertop in a healthy condition as it prevents moisture from seeping in the porous surface of granite.

Granite is a very durable stone, and with the right kind of care, you can keep your granite countertops in an impeccable and spectacular condition for forthcoming many years.


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Selecting the bathroom vanity countertop!

bathroom countertop

Bathroom vanities: your essentials for comfort and charm

Selecting a new bathroom vanity countertop can be a gloomy experience. As, there are available so many materials, so many sizes to choose from. Do you need the linen cabinet? Or wish to have the double vanity? Which color will look best brown, black or white? Is it too small or too big? All these choices can drive you crazy! When it comes to bathroom vanity countertop selection, there are many materials and finishes to choose from, so here is a small guide to select the countertop for your bathroom.

Classy bathroom vanity to change your home’s appearance

Each bathroom countertop finish is beautiful in its own way, and each possesses a different style and coordinates differently with different types of styles. While each of them is different, they all are superiority materials that are projected to hold up everyday’s wear and tear and still manage to look just as gorgeous as the day it was when you bought it! Here are the most preferred bathroom vanity countertop materials, just have a look.

#1: Granite countertop: One of the strongest material present on earth “Granite” is the best material for bathroom countertop. It is best for everyday use. The granite countertop provides both strength and beauty to your vanity at the same time.

#2: Cast polymer countertop: The polymer countertop is another strong yet elegant countertop you can choose for your bathroom. It is usually available in white color with a classy finish to it.

#3: Marble countertops: Marble countertops, the most beautiful countertop one can ever think of. The marble countertop looks best when paired with dark shade of wood. These marble tops provide your bathroom with a total stunning look.

#4: Glass countertops: Glass countertop is a beautiful and modern style that adds instant elegance your bathroom.

Thank to the countertop companies, as they save you from all this fuss and provide you a bathroom countertop installation done without causing you much trouble. So, if you wish to get bathroom vanity countertop installed at your place, the hire a countertop company now!


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Countertop solution and ideas!

granite countertops

Better than anything: granite countertops

If you have been following any latest home designing trend, then you surely know that natural stone countertops are the most preferred and talked about item in the market. And the most popular amongst these countertops is the granite countertops. They are durable as well as elegant. All these characteristic traits add up to the appeal of granite countertop and it can often without delay double the beauty of your bathroom or kitchen. The granite countertops not only have a chic status, they also have a lot of other realistic benefits. They are stain resistant, heat resistant, and durable which means if appropriately preserved and treated, they will never crack or peel.

Budget friendly countertop

Whether your money is tight or you are just a frugal soul, you will surely lookout for cost-effective countertop materials when it is the time to upgrade your kitchen. You will be really happy to learn about some budget friend granite countertops. For your happiness below are a few economical yet beautiful granite countertops information having a look!

#1: Versatile Laminate Granite Countertops: These economical countertops are tough, water resistant and easy to clean as well as install. Laminates are available in a number of finishes and color options.  It can be fabricated in various edges, but please do keep it in mind the simple the rim the less expensive the countertop. The DIY installation can prove out to be hectic with these laminated granite countertops so it’s better that you hire professionals for the countertop installation.

#2: granite tiles: If you like the rollicking retro or the rich, earthy appearance, then you might find what you are looking for in the granite tile aisles. For much better look you can combine the Granite tiles with the Ceramic tiles to form desired countertop. Both the Granite and ceramic tiles are durable and long lasting and best of it they are cost efficient. Thus helping you renovate the kitchen at a reasonable price. So, if you have got a desire for granite countertops, but cannot rationalize the cost, you can consider the granite tiled countertops without even thinking twice.


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Perk up the value and look of your kitchen with brand new countertop!

kitchen countertop replacement

Replacing Kitchen Countertops

Does dull kitchen countertop is spoiling your kitchen’s appearance? Or wear and tear is clearly visible on your kitchen countertop? Or are you thinking of complete kitchen makeover? Well, if so then kitchen countertop replacement is something which can help you out. The kitchen countertop is the focal point of kitchen. These countertops are not only important for your kitchen décor but also for the ease of cooking. The aging is typically the most obvious reason behind the degrading beauty of the countertop.

Rather than making useless efforts in adorning your old countertop, you should better think about kitchen countertop replacement. There are many options available to you for your new kitchen countertop like granite countertops, marble countertops, quartz countertops, soap Stone countertops and Bamboo surface countertops.

Obviously, your old countertop does not cope up with your modern kitchen. You might have latest kitchen appliances, latest furniture and latest crockery in your kitchen, so why to compromise with the countertop? Get it replaced!!

Why should you consider kitchen countertop replacement?

#1: Installation of new kitchen countertops is easier than renovating of old countertop.

#2: Modern kitchen countertops are available in many materials, colors, textures, design etc. With such countertops, you can give a complete makeover to your kitchen.

#3: Modern kitchen countertops are durable. So, they will provide long lasting services.

#4: Many kitchen countertop companies are offering countertops at reasonable price. So, the countertop replacement will not be heavy on your pocket.

#5: You can replace your old countertop with the countertop of your favorite material to match your kitchen’s décor with it.

#6: The kitchen countertops like soapstone countertops are easy to clean. It means now you do not have to spend hours on countertop cleaning.

#7: There are many countertop materials available in markets which are scratch resistant. Thus, beauty of your countertop will sustain over a long period of time.

#8: The countertop replacement task is not time consuming now.

So, if you are planning the kitchen renovation then these reasons are more than enough for including the countertop replacement in your list.

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Choosing Bamboo as the countertop surface

kitchen countertop

Bamboo surfaces countertops: eco-friendly countertops

Bamboo is a pretty amazing material and countertop made up of bamboo is just one of the fine examples of the versatility of this material. If you have been trying to find a countertop material that looks only one of a kind but still propose good functionality. Then bamboo countertop is a good choice for you. The key to triumph with bamboo countertops is to understand that they are not made up of standardized bamboo slabs, but rather they are a beautiful “assembly” of pieces of bamboo. It is also significant to know that bamboo material has diverse characteristics based on how it is constructed.

So, if you are thinking to multiply the beauty of your kitchen without hurting the environment, then you should totally go for the eco friendly countertop made up of bamboo. For the bamboo countertop installation, you don’t have to try hard all you have to do is find the best kitchen countertop installation contractor, set the deal and watch the countertop installed at your house without any tension. Now you might be thinking that why you should choose bamboo as your countertop material, just cause it is eco-friendly. To, clear all of your doubts below is list of advantages of bamboo countertops have a look.

Features and benefits of bamboo countertops

Durable: The bamboo countertops have highly thick surface that can hold up to moisture, food spills and even cutting.

Easy installation: The countertops made up of bamboo get installed easily like any other hardwood.

Affordable: One of the best features of these eco-friendly countertops is that they are least expensive countertop to purchase install and maintain.

Low-maintenance: The bamboo countertops are easy to handle, it can be easily refurnished and sanded.

Non-toxic: The bamboo countertops are formaldehyde-free.

Bacteria-resistant: The bamboo countertops hold a naturally occurring bacteria resistant manager.

Eco-friendly: These kitchen countertops aremanufactured from 100% renewable Moso bamboo which is a sustainably harvested bamboo variety.

Comes in Three styles: The bamboo countertops are available in tree varieties, the Traditional (vertical or horizontal granule), Parquet Butcher Block and the Strand. Making it more self satisfactory for you to choose the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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