What You Need To Know About Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

You might not have heard about the cultured marble vanity tops before. But if you are thinking about replacing your bathroom vanity top, then you should learn about this amazing material. Cultured marbles are gaining a lot of popularity because of their versatility in shapes, colors and styles. Before you replace your vanity top with any random material, it is important to learn about the cultured marbles.

What is Cultured Marble?

Cultured marbles are made from the dust of the real marbles. The natural stone’s dust is processed and a finished product is made from it. The dust is mixed with the liquid resins of polyester to form the cultured marble vanity top. It means cultured marbles are not 100 % synthetic.

Cultured marble has only been in the market for around 30 years, but they have started gaining popularity in last decades. The vanity tops made from cultured marble are quite durable and long-lasting. In fact, you can maintain their stunning beauty with little care. Apart from vanity tops, you can also purchase cultured marble products for the bathroom – and kitchen. This includes bathtubs, backsplashes, whirlpool tubs and shower basins.

What Designs, Styles, and Colors are Available in Cultured Marble Vanity Tops?

Surprisingly, cultured marbles are available in infinite combinations of style, design and color. This marble is a manufactured molded. Because of this process, they are available any size and shape, and you can even order custom fit to match your needs and requirements. In addition, the countertop manufacturer can include tint to generate any color you want. The end product is coated with a clear finish that can be either high gloss or satin, depending on your choice.

At last, cultured marble countertops are not the exact replacement of the natural marble countertop, but you can enjoy the look and feel of the real marble at lower price. It is important to purchase the cultured marble countertop from the right contractor, vendor or company to get the best product for your bathroom. Since this material is synthetically made, they are available in variety of quality options, make sure you invest in the right material.


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Tips for Buying the Best Granite Countertops

fabricated granite countertops

Granite is a natural stone that is not only beautiful, but durable also. This stone can be an amazing choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. There are many contractors and companies selling fabricated granite countertops. This countertop is literally available in plenty of colors, textures, designs, cuts and qualities. In order to make the right granite countertop purchase, multiple considerations should be made before actually making the commitment.

Purchasing granite countertops

The quality of granite material varies and hence the cost. You can find luxury granite as well as affordable granite countertops in the market. The beauty of quality granite will obviously lure you towards it, but you need to be careful while selecting the apt granite surface for your kitchen or bathroom.

Tips for purchasing granite countertops

  • Visit granite showroom and explore the varieties in the granite countertops. You will find endless patterns in granite. It is not possible to understand the granite variations simply by browsing the catalogs. Collect the samples of various granites from different showrooms and compare them. Contrast the samples against size, color and decoration of your room.
  • Invest in the thick granite surface. The thicker the granite, the more durable it will be. While purchasing the granite, look for sample that is at least 1 inch thicker. The thin countertops are fragile. They can be easily damaged by load and stress.
  • Check the countertop for hairline cracks and pits. They increase the natural beauty of the countertop, but can also make it more fragile. Ask your granite contractor Raleigh nc or seller to explain about the imperfections, and if they can cause harm. Granite countertops are quite expensive make sure to invest your hard-earned money on the right piece.
  • Ask for customized edge to fit with your cabinet. Not all contractors offer customization services, but those that do can give you a countertop that is more beautiful and fits aptly in your kitchen or bathroom. If it is okay for you, then bevel edges are trending these days.
  • Invest in seamless granite countertops. These are quite expensive, but they look better than the non-seam ones. They even last longer.
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Benefits of Owning Faux Granite Countertops

new kitchen countertops

If you love the granite countertops but cannot afford this luxury, you can give a fair try to faux granite countertops. This surface can be an exact replica of elegant and expensive granite countertops. They are also suitable for both kitchen counters and bathroom vanities. Faux granite countertops are easily available on the market and many homeowners are choosing this countertop.

Know about faux granite countertop

Faux granite countertops are made with the help of primer and coatings of paint in layers. Several layers of sealing material are put on the dried paint to form a protective layer on the countertop. This countertop material has many benefits to offer, some of them are:


Faux granite countertops are very affordable. This elegant looking countertop fits in any budget. After paying a small price you can enjoy the look and feel of the granite countertop. Also, faux granite installation is not expensive. You can paint the countertop on your own.

Easy Project

You can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen by changing the countertop. What else would be easier than changing the appearance of your existing countertop? In order to make your old and worn out countertop look rick and royal like granite, you just need paint and sealant, and your job is done. Paint the countertop surface and seal the paint with the help of the sealant.

Sophisticated look and feel

Granite is one of the best looking countertop materials available, you can obtain the same finishing with faux granite countertop. This countertop looks clean and sophisticated in kitchen as well as in bathrooms.

Long lasting

With proper care and maintenance, faux granite countertops can last for years. Systematic application of sealing material is mandatory to prevent damage or peeling of the paint underneath. It is also essential to remember to avoid keeping sharp objects and hot utensils on the faux granite countertop.

Easy to maintain

Faux granite countertops are easy to clean and maintain. You just need a wet cloth and soap water to clean the spills from the countertop surface. In fact, chips and cracks are easily repairable on this surface.

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The many uses of marbles

kitchen counter

Earlier marble was found in palaces, temples and other holy places. Marble is a beautiful stone. Its natural color, natural shine and natural texture distinguish it from other materials. Along with being beautiful, marble is a durable, heat resistant, scratch resistant and long lasting material. Before making its way to your kitchen and bathroom countertop, this amazing stone has rich history of artistic and architectural use. Still marble is used for making sculptures, temples and flooring.

Interesting Uses of Marble

Marble is one of the most beautiful and beautiful stones present on earth. Not just that, but this stone is also very useful. This comes as no wonder, as marble is formed when limestone bear immense heat and pressure for thousands of years. Below mentioned are three of the interesting uses of marble:


Marble is the first choice when artists want to craft statues. This strong material has its own beauty that augments the beauty of the art. Marble is easy to sculpt and every detail can be seen on this surface.

Jewelry Case

People often judge book by its cover. This is the reason why jewelry case needs to be as beautiful as jewelry. Marble jewelry cases look amazingly beautiful. Marble has its own charm, plus these cases have beautiful designs painted on them.


Marble floors are very common these days. This material is naturally cool. So, marble flooring is ideal for hot places. Moreover, marble floors provide rich and royal look. They are easy to clean and maintain.


Marble fireplaces are common these days. Since this material is capable of withstanding heat, many luxury houses features marble fireplaces. The fireplaces made up of the marble are easy to clean and maintain.


Marble can be cut in any desired shape. This is the reason why marble benches are available in various designs.

Kitchen and bathroom countertops

Marble is one of the most popular materials when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops. This material is apt for both kitchens and bathrooms. You just need to find the right marble contractor to properly install the countertop at your bathroom or kitchen.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen: How to Choose New Countertops, Appliances, and Floors

best kitchen countertop contractor

Kitchen is the most important room of your home. This room is used by almost every family member. Thus, it is important that your kitchen has every amenity. If you feel like you are not comfortable while working in your kitchen, plan kitchen renovation. Upgrade old appliances, kitchen island countertop, cabinets and floors with new ones, and observe the change. These changes will improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

Importance of kitchen renovations

There are plenty of reasons to keep kitchen in tip-top condition, some of them are:

  • Improved resale value
  • Better hygiene
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Comfortable cooking environment
  • Safety against slip and fall accidents
  • Safety against kitchen fire

It is important to plan kitchen renovation whenever you feel like your kitchen is not an apt place to work anymore. Kitchen renovation is must, if you are planning to sale your home. Many homebuyers pay special attention over the kitchens. You can increase the value of your properly simply by investing in the kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovation is also important to create a safer and more convenient cooking place. If you kitchen has outdated appliance, slippery floors and improper ventilation, it can be hazardous to work there.

Things to consider while renovating your kitchen

Checkout kitchen appliances: It is important to have fully-functional kitchen appliances. Check if your microwave oven, dishwasher, range, refrigerator, mixer grinder etc. are working properly. You should consider replacing kitchen appliances, if they are outdated.

Change kitchen flooring: Old and worn-out floors not only make your kitchen look bad, but they also cause slip and fall accidents. Invest some money on kitchen flooring and experience the positive change in your kitchen.

Provide proper ventilation: A kitchen should have proper ventilation to prevent fire hazards and smoke leakage.

Replace kitchen countertop: Kitchen countertop is one of the first things that people notice when they step inside your kitchen. If your countertop is worn-out or dull, you should consider replacing the countertop. Today, many countertop materials are available in the market. Modern countertops are easy to clean and maintain. Just find the best kitchen countertop contractor morrisville for fair deal.

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How Long Does It Take To Replace Countertops?

Concrete countertops

Once you have decided replacing your old and out of date countertop, you might want to know how long it takes to replace the countertop. Well, it is not possible to generalize the time required for the kitchen countertop replacement. How much time required depends on several factors, such as –skills of handyman, countertop material used, availability of installation tools, size and shape of your countertop, and your budget.

Kitchen countertop replacement

No matter which type of countertop material you choose for countertop replacement, there is thing you need to keep in mind: Get started only after understanding the specifications. It is very much important that the person who is installing the countertop has the required skills and knowledge. If you are versed with general handyman tasks, you can take kitchen countertop installation in your hand. However, it is always recommended to hire a professional contractor for this purpose.

Laminate countertops

If you are looking for fastest turn-around, then laminate countertops is the best option for you. This is especially applicable when you select “off the rack” countertops from the countertop store. The finish and fit will not be as good as customized laminate countertops, but as far as time is concerned, they are unbeatable.

Engineered stone and stainless steel countertops

Installation time required for engineered stone and stainless steel countertops is almost same as the time required to install laminate countertops, and the process of installation is also same. From the time you begin to think about countertop replacement, plan at least 4 months. That provides you the time to explore what you really want without rushing.

Granite and marble countertops

Installation of natural stone countertops (like granite and marble) is quite different from the installation of engineered stone countertops. It is not possible to install these countertops using DIY hacks. You need a professional countertop contractor for the kitchen countertop replacement job.

Concrete countertops

Concrete countertop installation is tricky and time-consuming. There are a lot of things required to be taken care of while installing concrete countertops. The installation of concrete countertops can take up to a week, even when you hire a professional contractor.


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What are the benefits of using soapstone countertops in the kitchen?

kitchen countertop replacement

Soapstone is a good kitchen countertops material. This material has all the quality that a kitchen countertop should have. Recently, many homeowners and interior designers are opting for soapstone countertop for kitchen. The benefits of this material are really very impressive that makes it the ideal choice for kitchen counters. Soapstone is a beautiful and unique product. This natural stone has a lot of benefits over other countertop stones such as marble, granite and quartz. This quarried stone contains –dolomite, chlorite, magnesite and talc (provide dark color to this countertop).

Amazing benefits of soapstone countertops

Soapstone countertops have made their niche in the countertop market. This metamorphic rock has soapy and soft texture. The artistic and architectural appeal of the countertop is unmatchable. This material is also warm to the touch and does not require sealing or substrate support. The soapstone countertops are categorized by the percentage of talc present in it.

Benefits of soapstone countertops

Soapstone countertops have many benefits over other countertop materials. Many homeowners are unaware about the amazing benefits that soapstone countertop offer. If you are renovating your kitchen and looking for a good countertop surface, please have a quick glance over below mentioned benefits of the soapstone countertops:

Resistant to bacteria growth

Every homeowner wants a clean and hygienic countertop surface, so that they can eat healthy food. Soapstone countertops resist the germ build-up on its surface. It provides a cleaner surface where you can cut vegetables, prepare dough, put vegetables and put dishes after cooking.

Less susceptible to cracking

Many homeowners seek durability when they look for the countertop material. Soapstone countertops fulfill all needs and requirements when it comes to durability. This countertop does not get cracked and chipped easily.

Resistant to stains

Soapstone is resistant to stains. Even if you spill coffee, juice, dough etc. on the countertop, this material will not get stained easily.

Easy to clean

Maintainability is another feature that homeowner seek while purchasing the kitchen countertops. Soapstone countertops are really very easy to clean. You just need water and cloth to clean this surface.

If you want to buy the soapstone countertop, you will need the best countertop contractor. Only a skilled and experienced contractor can provide you the countertop of your dreams.

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Choosing vanity top for commercial bathroom

countertop contractor

Are you looking solid vanity top for your restaurant bathroom? Are you searching a luxury countertop for your 5-star bathroom? Or are you searching for colorful countertop surfaces for a kinder-garden bathroom? Well, if so, then there are plenty of bathroom vanity tops options available on the market that can fulfill all your needs and requirements of your commercial bathroom.

Vanity tops for commercial bathrooms

Vanity is one of the important parts of the bathrooms. It plays vital role in the commercial bathroom. And vanity top is the integral part of the vanities. It is the vanity top that has to deal with wear-tear, soap spills, chemicals and water all the time. The vanity top material you choose should be capable of withstanding all these things without sacrificing its look and feel.

Things to consider before choosing vanity top for commercial bathroom

Commercial bathrooms remain busy all the time. Make sure that the vanity top material you choose offers good resistance against scratches. If your vanity top develops scratches, it will lose its shine. Thus, it will ruin the appearance of your luxury bathroom.

A vanity top should not require much maintenance. In commercial bathrooms, countertops get used 24*7. Make sure that the vanity top material you choose does not get dirty easily and is easy to clean. It is not possible to clean the countertop after every use. If your countertop gets dirty easily, it will make your entire bathroom appear dirty, and this could affect your business.

A vanity top should complement the décor of your bathroom. Today, you can find many materials, colors and textures in the vanity top materials. Make sure you choose the vanity top that go with the interior of your bathroom.

Requirements of bathroom countertops are different from kitchen countertops. It is important to check the resistance of material against water, stains, chemicals and oils, when you choose the bathroom countertop material.

Every commercial bathroom has its own budget, and countertop materials are available in wide range. It is important that the bathroom countertop garner nc material you choose fits within your budget specifications. You should find the apt countertop contractor for this purpose.

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Natural Stone: 4 Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

granite kitchen countertops

Different type of natural stones is found in the different parts of the world. Stones are one of the oldest construction materials. For centuries, rough-cuts of stones have been used for constructing bridges, shaping monuments, paving and more. Nowadays, natural stone kitchen countertops are gaining a lot of popularity.

Increasing popularity of natural stone countertops

Natural stone countertops inject a touch of elegance to any existing kitchen décor. For kitchens, natural stone is a big investment. Undoubtedly, you will get good resale value after renovating your kitchen with natural stone countertops. Every slab of natural stone countertop is unique. So, when you install a particular segment, you can be sure that you are having an exclusive piece of nature at your home.

Natural Stone countertop options


Granite is the number one choice when it comes to kitchen countertops. It is one of the hardest natural stone available. Along with countertops, this stone is a popular choice for flooring, wall applications and fireplace surrounds. Granite has all the qualities that you want in your countertop. Although granite is expensive than other countertop materials, it worth every penny you spend on it.


Marble is another popular natural stone countertop material. This material is elegant as well as beautiful. It is cheaper than granite and available in various shades and textures. The brightness of the marble countertop lightens up the entire aura of the kitchen. However, it is not recommended for the high-traffic kitchens.


Demand of quartzite is increasing for kitchen countertops. The reason behind its increasing popularity is durability, and stain-resistant quality of this material. Pure quartzite is a metamorphic rock, which is a lot harder than the granite. However, in order to use quartzite for countertop purposes, it is engineered and other substances are mixed.


Soapstone is an amazing alternative for the homeowners who are exploring natural stone countertops other than marble and granite. Soapstone countertops are only available in the various shades of grey, and veining patterns. This stone naturally darkens over time. Soapstone countertops offer good resistance to heat and scratches. It does not require sealing as well.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Quartz vs Granite

kitchen countertop replacement

If you are thinking about upgrading your countertop, then consider both quartz and granite. These two are totally different countertop surfaces. The granite countertops are made from the natural stone, while the quartz countertops are made from the engineered stone. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is good to understand the pros and cons of the either materials and then make the apt choice according to needs and requirements of your kitchen or bathroom.

A brief rundown of quartz and granite

Granite countertops are made from the big chunks of the rocks. After leaving the quarry, granite is cut, polished and shaped. The natural stone is processed to make it suitable for the domestic purposes. The granite has in-build quality of withstanding against moisture, heat and load. You just have to pay attention over granite sealing.

On the other hand, Quartz countertops are made from the combination of resin and crushed quartz. They can be manufactured in variety of textures and colors. They are not cut from the slabs, so quartz countertops are known as the manmade countertop surfaces.

In-depth look at the pros and cons of quartz

Engineered Quartz countertops are as strong as granite countertops, plus they are more flexible. This makes their installation process a lot easier, as compared to granite. However, they should be professionally installed.

Quartz is a non-porous material. Unlike granite, it does not require sealing ever. This material actually provides you a no-maintenance countertop surface.

Quartz countertops are quite durable. They can easily bear the load of heavy kitchen utensils and heat. However, you should not consider them as indestructible.

Quartz is a stain-resistant material as well. You can even clean the wine stains from it without going through a lot of fuzz.

In-depth look at the pros and cons of granite

The appearance of the granite is not uniform. Two granite slabs can be totally different from one another. This can be considered as benefit as well as drawback.

Granite countertops are quite expensive. Also, in order to find the quality countertop, you need to find the reputable granite contractor nc.

Granite slabs are quite heavy. You need to hire the professional for installation and the fitting of the countertop surface.

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