Choosing Bamboo as the countertop surface

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Bamboo surfaces countertops: eco-friendly countertops

Bamboo is a pretty amazing material and countertop made up of bamboo is just one of the fine examples of the versatility of this material. If you have been trying to find a countertop material that looks only one of a kind but still propose good functionality. Then bamboo countertop is a good choice for you. The key to triumph with bamboo countertops is to understand that they are not made up of standardized bamboo slabs, but rather they are a beautiful “assembly” of pieces of bamboo. It is also significant to know that bamboo material has diverse characteristics based on how it is constructed.

So, if you are thinking to multiply the beauty of your kitchen without hurting the environment, then you should totally go for the eco friendly countertop made up of bamboo. For the bamboo countertop installation, you don’t have to try hard all you have to do is find the best kitchen countertop installation contractor, set the deal and watch the countertop installed at your house without any tension. Now you might be thinking that why you should choose bamboo as your countertop material, just cause it is eco-friendly. To, clear all of your doubts below is list of advantages of bamboo countertops have a look.

Features and benefits of bamboo countertops

Durable: The bamboo countertops have highly thick surface that can hold up to moisture, food spills and even cutting.

Easy installation: The countertops made up of bamboo get installed easily like any other hardwood.

Affordable: One of the best features of these eco-friendly countertops is that they are least expensive countertop to purchase install and maintain.

Low-maintenance: The bamboo countertops are easy to handle, it can be easily refurnished and sanded.

Non-toxic: The bamboo countertops are formaldehyde-free.

Bacteria-resistant: The bamboo countertops hold a naturally occurring bacteria resistant manager.

Eco-friendly: These kitchen countertops aremanufactured from 100% renewable Moso bamboo which is a sustainably harvested bamboo variety.

Comes in Three styles: The bamboo countertops are available in tree varieties, the Traditional (vertical or horizontal granule), Parquet Butcher Block and the Strand. Making it more self satisfactory for you to choose the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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Which countertop surface is right for you?


Choosing the Right Kitchen and bathroom Countertops

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or giving a new look to your bath area, at one point you will get confused in selecting most appropriate countertop. After all countertops play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the kitchen as well as the bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom countertops are probably the first thing which gets noticed when someone enters in kitchen and bathroom respectively. The selection of countertops relies on various things like budget, interior decoration, personal choice and availability of countertop.

Oodles of bathroom and kitchen countertop options are available for you. The factors like durability, texture, color and appearance are going to make a solid influence on your choice. Some countertop materials need extra care while a few are nearly maintenance-free. You can opt for one as per your needs and requirements.

5 great countertop materials

#1: Granite: The scintillating granite countertops are first choice of homeowners who want to dazzle their kitchen with shining of granite countertops. Previously, only few color and texture options are available to granite countertop lovers, but now granite countertops are available in various color and texture options.

#2: Quartz: The quartz countertops are easy care kitchen surface. Quartz countertops are made up of the hardest mineral on earth, so they are highly durable. They will provide long lasting services and are easy to clean. These countertops are available in a variety of colors from red to green, earthy brown to sheer black, and from cream to white with awesome textures.

#3: Marble: Marble is an ultimate countertop option for the white lovers. Although this countertop looks incredibly good in the kitchen but they are more suitable bathroom countertop option. The white color gets dirty soon and require frequent cleaning, thus as kitchen countertop its maintenance is quite tough but very much suitable for bathrooms.

#4Soap Stone: If you want to try something different from others, then you should opt for Soap Stone countertops. Soap stones are highly durable material and virtually maintenance free.

#5: Solid Surface: These are man-made and durable countertop which requires very low maintenance. This material is stains, moisture, sunlight and heat resistant.

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Sophisticate your kitchen with granite countertop

kitchen countertop

Why Granite countertop is the first choice of homeowners?

The kitchen is the heart of a home, where you, your friends and family members gather to eat and share routine talk over a delicious meal, refreshing drink and quick snacks. It is one of the most important alcoves in your home, so don’t you think it makes sense to select kitchen countertops which reflect the value of your kitchen? Fortunately, choosing the perfect countertops is not a difficult task because modern countertops are available in a lots colors, designs and materials. Among all granite countertops are gaining a lot of popularity among homeowners.

Many homeowners choose granite countertops over other solid surface counter because of elegance and durability of granite. Granite countertops are carved from natural stone that is why they inherit earthy shades entwined with crystalline whirl which catch light from all directions. These kitchen countertops are very resistant to wear and tear, staining, scratches, mold, and mildew, as granite is the second hardest material after diamonds. The surface of these countertops is really very easy to clean and maintain. All you required is a soft cloth, warm water and soap, and cleaning is done.

Why to choose granite countertop?

Granite countertops are manufactured with an eclectic palate of colors and patterns. Apart from natural granite color custom countertops are also available in several colors. The colors like black, gray, brown, white, green, blue, and red are available to match with your kitchen decor. The colors are even laced with copper, silver, and gold, and blend with tiny crystal fragments to provide distinguish appearance to every countertop. You can adorn your kitchen with these scintillating kitchen countertops.

The granite counter is overlaid with a polished finishing. This makes the surface a countertop glossy also minimizes its porosity, and its vulnerability to liquid absorption. Yes, with the polished finishing, your countertop will look good as well as provide long lasting service. If you are thinking about kitchen renovation or constructing a new kitchen then granite countertop can full fill all your expectation and impress you with its long lasting and trouble free service.

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Silestone countertops vs. Marble countertops

Kitchen countertopSilestone or marble countertops! Which is suitable for my kitchen?

Kitchen improvement is one of the most hectic tasks of the world. The most difficult thing in the entire kitchen renovation process is decision, decision. One of the most essential part of the kitchen is kitchen countertop and deciding which countertop is most suitable for you is not going be easy for you especially when plenty of choices are available to you. It is not easy to resist the natural beauty of marble and also the shine offered by the Silestone. Indeed, it is really a confusing task to decide which countertop is going to appropriate for your kitchen, but you can make your decision according to usability of countertop. Let’s take a quick glance over various features of both countertops:

Highlights of Silestone and marble countertops:

When it comes to appearance the white marble countertop is unmatchable and Silestone countertop lies nowhere near to them. Marble countertop can add aesthetic beauty to your kitchen. The white countertop has its own appeal which is irresistible. Well…. Well, it is a kitchen, and the countertop is the place where most of the kitchen tasks are going to happen. That’s why it is recommended that if you can afford frequent cleaning then the marble is suitable for you; otherwise you can opt for Silestone countertop.

In terms of durability the silestone countertops give neck to neck competition to marble countertops. Both countertops are highly durable and capable of giving long lasting services without any sort of problem. Silestone is a non-porous material which even offers scratch resistant and stain resistant service which marble could not. Yes! Marble is prone to scratch and stain.

Marble countertops are for white lovers because there is no other color option available in these countertops, but Silestone countertops have oodles of color option for you. To cut a long story into short, it can be concluded that both countertops are good, but as per kitchen’s applications, Silestone countertops are found to be a more appropriate alternative. For sure marble countertop can beat Silestone countertop when it comes to bathroom. Yes, marble countertops are more suitable for bathroom countertops. But people with classic taste can also think of marble countertop in kitchen as well.

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Freshen up your kitchen decor with trendy Silestone countertops

kitchen countertop

Silestone countertops best for kitchen remodeling

When it comes to make a choice about improvement in your kitchen it is really very tough to decide where to start from. But if you find your kitchen a little bit or more outdated then the easiest thing which you can do to chance its look is a chance the countertop. This chance may come out as a little bit pricy investment for you, but if you choose the right countertop the spending of money may not seem a big deal. Nowadays the Silestone countertops are gaining so much popularity among the crowd. The Silestone countertop is made up of natural quartz and is extremely hard and supple and along with it the Silestone countertops also have the antimicrobial characteristic which makes it the best option for any kind of usage. So if you are thinking to remodel your kitchen then, then remodel kitchen with Silestone countertops and enhance the look of your kitchen in the best way possible.

Advantages of the Silestone countertops

There is no doubt that the Silestone countertops are one of the best countertops which you can choose to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom. This countertop adds up the beauty to your place, but along with enhancing the appearance of your house there are a number of advantages associated with the Silestone countertop. Just have a look over the benefits of Silestone countertop installation at your place.

  • The Silestone countertop freshen up the look of your place
  • Strong enough to bare any kind of stress
  • The Silestone countertops are a low maintenance countertop. You do not have to spend a large amount of money or time to take care of your counter top
  • Made up of natural quartz. Hence, making it more comfortable to use
  • Resistant to acids and alkali matter
  • No color fading due to sun rays or UV radiation
  • The main advantage of Silestone countertop is that, it is bacteria resistant. Therefore, it can be used in kitchen or bathrooms with out and tension.

The above mentioned are a few advantages of the Silestone countertops, so if you wish to remodel your kitchen, include the Silestone countertop in your wish list.

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Increase beauty of your home with Kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertop

Select the best kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertops are essential in a kitchen. They are the backbone of the kitchen. The kitchen countertop is the main base to prepare dishes. Each and every minor kitchen work depend on these strong kitchen countertop because hot cookware’s, oven and daily food material is placed on it. Appearance of kitchen countertop adds look into the kitchen it makes a simple looking kitchen to modular kitchen. If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen, then you have a variety of options. Marble, kitchen countertops, Quartz Kitchen Countertops, Granite countertops, Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops, Bamboo surface countertops are most attractive and strongest countertops you can choose any of them.Each of this attractive kitchen countertop comes with a different style and quality. So now let us have a glance at each of these kitchens countertop made up of different material which possesses different quality.

Ideal options for kitchen countertops:

Marble kitchen countertops look very elegant and add beauty to the kitchen. As marble is very strong material so there is no chance of breakage. It also retains coolness which makes it even more perfect to use.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops are another great option they come with beautiful texture of pigments. Quartz Kitchen countertops are made by engineers who make it very hard as well as heat resistant.

Granite is considered the favorite among all material in homes. Granite countertops are most strong kitchen countertops as granite is the hard stone and it can resist tremendous heat. It is available in various beautiful and attractive designs having different tones and shades.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops are made up of solid acrylic or a blend of acrylic and polyester which is then shaped into any custom shape for your kitchen. Solid surface resists both tints & moistness and controls the growth of bacteria. This attractive kitchen countertop is durable and easy to clean.

Bamboo surface countertops are eco-friendly countertops. The natural beauty of bamboo gives your countertop a unique natural appeal and warmth. It is very durable as well as affordable; its maintenance is also very low and also very easy to clean.


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Things to know about Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Facts about Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz is becoming first choice of people for kitchen countertops. The combination of quartz and resin create scintillating look which grabs everyone’s attention towards it. The primary reason behind the increasing popularity of quartz countertops are their in-built luster and perfectly smooth surface. This material also provides greater strength and durability. If you are thinking about kitchen renovation or building new kitchen, then Quartz countertop can be the best option for you. Your kitchen will get entirely new touch and feel which can make your neighbors envy of your kitchen décor.

The thing which highlights presence of quartz countertop among other kitchen countertops is the presence of pigments in it. These pigments not only act like beautiful texture but also contribute in maintenance, as the presence of pigments does not make countertop look dirty, even if it is dirty! Isn’t cool?

Quartz countertops are available in various color, texture, shape and size. It means you can obtain quartz kitchen countertop with a sparkling finish according to your needs and desire. Such countertops are not made from any natural stone, so it is possible to get various design features in them. Whether you want pink, green, gray or black countertop, you can get it according to the interior of your kitchen. They are fabricated to look like granite countertops, but in terms of shine and luster, they are far better than granite one.

Benefits of quartz countertops:

Quartz is specially engineered to produce countertops which are hard, durable, and shiny and which provides long lasting service. These countertops are heavier than granite countertops as they are made up of non-porous material. These qualities of quartz countertops are increasing their demands in the market. Quartz countertops do not require much maintenance and whatever maintenance required, is really very easy.

Many homeowners (and hotel owners) prefer quartz countertops because they are heat resistant. Thus, it not only prevents accidental fire, but also the ugly burnt marks on countertops. This countertop is also considered as scratch proof and stain resistant. This means, one does not have to be very much concise about countertop while working in the kitchen.

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A Guide for Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Countertops

bathroom countertop

Provide adorable appearance to your bathroom with beautiful countertops

When it comes to selecting perfect bathroom countertop material, granite countertop strikes as the first choice among countertop materials.  Why? Well, this is because granite countertops are tremendously durable plus they are scratching and stains resistant. These countertops, even append the appeal in bathroom area which is observed by everyone. Granite countertops are really very easy to clean and can be maintained effortlessly. Many home décor experts consider granite bathroom countertops as luxury material as they can add an imperial look in any alcove of the house. The rich and scintillating touch and look of granite countertops are the primary reason behind the increasing popularity of granite countertops.

Selecting a perfect countertop for bathroom can be a very confusing task if you are not sure about and what you want and what is available in the market. In order to make the best choice you should make some consideration like color, style, size, price, maintenance and ease of usage. If you have a clear mindset about countertop, it will become really very easy for you to select best from the best according to your specifications. There are many reputable companies and factories which can make countertops available to you according to your specifications.

How to select best bathroom countertops?

In order to select the best bathroom countertop, you can consult with your interior designer or architecture. These professionals can give best advice which can turn your ordinary bathroom in luxury bathroom, which you have always seen in Hollywood movies. Bathroom countertops are available in the market with a variety of color, design, material, pattern and artwork. You need to select one which goes with your interior design of a bathroom and your budget.

In order to get more ideas about latest designs of bathroom countertops you can also consult with your neighbor who own beautiful bathroom. If you desire to own unique and world class bathroom interior, you can take help of World Wide Web to select appropriate countertops for your bathroom. You can find the latest designs and price on the internet. And the internet also helps you in finding best countertop factory of your area so that you can crack a lucrative deal with them. One important thing that you need to consider before purchasing countertop is always buy them from reputable and trustworthy manufacturer.

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Give complete makeover to your kitchen with Granite countertops

kitchen countertop

Adorn your kitchen with Granite countertops

Are you planning, kitchen renovation? Are you seeking luxury stuff to provide a vibrant appearance to your kitchen? Or are you searching something new for your kitchen? Well, if your answer is YES! Then granite countertops can be the ultimate option for you.  These countertops will definitely give elegant look to your kitchen. Granite countertops are a durable having good resistance against scratch and stain. It means that it will give you long lasting service. Granite countertops can be great kitchen countertop which can give amazing look to your kitchen.

Granite countertops can become the center of attraction of your kitchen décor as scintillating feature of granite stone have its own natural beauty. In order to add shine and luster in your countertop, you need not have to use any additional paint or polish. Granite stone has in-build natural sheen and shine. Granite countertops are super smooth so it is absolutely a luxury feel to cook on these tops. These countertops are available in various shape, size, color and design. You can use according your needs and requirements. Not just kitchens, granite can also provide adorable appearance to your bathroom and other part of the home.

Advantages of Granite countertops:

There are countless advantages of granite countertops. Notable facts about granite is that it is non-porous material which does not allow scratch. Granite is an extremely smooth material so it dusts and dirt hardly accumulates in it, thus maintenance of granite countertops is much easier. Cleaning and dusting of granite countertops are also very easy as well as it will not consume your much time and efforts.

In terms of strength and hardness granite deserves applause. After diamond, granite is second hardest naturally occurring material so it can bear plenty of load. Granite also has property of heat resistant. This material does not act as catalyst and also do not catch fire. This also means that there will be no burning marks or spots on your countertop. Most striking properties of granite countertops is that seasonal changes will cause minimum impact on granite. So, what are you waiting for? Adorn your kitchen with fantastic granite countertops now!!

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How long does it take to resurface a countertop?

kitchen countertops

Countertop Repairs

Only a licensed professional should conduct a home improvement project involving the use of power tools.  That includes countertop repairs such as countertop resurfacing and total countertop replacement.  If you’ve had the same kitchen or bathroom countertops for more than ten years, it may be time for a little upgrade.  Resurfacing a countertop doesn’t take more than a couple hours and won’t do much damage to your bank account.  Let a professional countertop contractor help you get your granite countertops back to peak condition by using top of the line countertop repair tools such as shiners and buffers.

Granite Countertops

If you’re thinking of installing brand new countertops altogether, there are tons of countertop options to consider.  Chances are you’ve gotten tired of your own aluminum countertops or marble countertops if you’ve lived in your home for more than five years.  Why not jazz up the place by installing sleek new recycled glass countertops, quartz countertops or soapstone countertops?  There are tons of flashy kitchen countertop designs that will have you excited to spend time in the kitchen again.  If you want more space for chopping and mincing, you can even install a brand new kitchen island countertop!

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