Kitchen Countertop Options to make you Forget Granite!

granite countertop care

Granite is a great kitchen countertop material. It is 100% true. That is why maximum homeowners consider granite whenever they think about kitchen counter replacement. The finishing, designs, durability and longevity offered by granite are unmatchable.

Kitchen countertop options

Beyond granite, there are a huge number of kitchen countertop options available in the market. The amazing features of these countertop materials can make you forget about the granite. If you are thinking about kitchen remolding and want non-granite counter surfaces, then you may find one of these great:

Marble Countertops

The days are history when marble is only considered for bathroom vanities. Nowadays, marble countertops, beautifully compliment the modern kitchen decor. Also, with the availability of cleaning equipment and products, marble countertop maintenance has become really very easy.

Wood Countertops

Many homeowners desire rich and royal looking countertop surface. For such homeowners, wood can be the ultimate choice. You can find oodles of design patterns in wood countertops, but you will have to regularly oil the wood to prevent drying.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is the natural and smooth countertop material available to you. This countertop comes in a variety of hues. It is the only natural countertop surface which is not affected by acids. Thus, you need not have to worry about coffee, juice or vinegar spills.

Quartz countertops

Engineered quartz is one of the fantastic countertop surfaces present in the market.  They are made up of made of quarried slabs. You can find a wide range of color and design choices in quartz countertops. Quartz is usually a scratch resistant material, but it can be scratched. It is heat resistant as well, but if you don’t set a hot frying pan on it!

Concrete countertops

Want a colorful kitchen? If yes, then concrete can be perfect for you. You can find it in any color, size, shape and style.

Glass Countertops

In recent years, glass has emerged out as one of the most popular kitchen counter surface. This countertop surface can endure heat. Glass countertops are also known for providing highly hygienic surface.

So, these are popular kitchen island materials available in the market. You should probably consult with your kitchen contractor before finalizing one for your kitchen.


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How to clean the Granite kitchen countertops?

kitchen remodeling

Many homeowners want to know the best way to clean granite kitchen countertops. Although granite countertops do not require much maintenance, when it comes to kitchen every homeowners desire to have aseptically clean countertop surface.

Granite countertop cleaning

In order to clean the granite countertop, you neither need any special tools nor require any special cleaners. You can clean and disinfect the granite surface with already available stuffs of your kitchen. It is really very easy to remove oil, stains and dust from the granite countertop. You just need to put little efforts to get bulge out scintillating surface of your granite countertop.

The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Granite

Do: Before you begin the cleaning process, make sure that your granite countertop is sealed. Although granite is less porous than other countertop material but unsealed granite can also soak water. In order to check sealing, leave few drops of water on countertop surface. If water split into beads, your granite is sealed. And if not then granite is not sealed.

Don’t: Do not use harsh scrubs to clean the surface of granite countertop. Harsh scrubs can harm the sealing of the granite countertop.

Do: Use cloth and sponge to clean or wipe the granite countertop surface.

Don’t: Do not use vinegar or acidic liquids to clean the stains from the countertop surface. It is really very easy to remove stains from the granite countertops, you need not have to use all these things.

Do: Clean spills as soon as you notice. Fresh spills are easy to clean. After sometime, spills will become hard and it becomes harder for you to clean them off. Thus, if you clean the spill early, it will get cleaned just in one wipe.

Don’t: Do not use bleach, ammonia or any other chemicals to clean the granite countertop.

Do: Use lukewarm water to clean the granite countertop. Make sure that the water is not too hot.

The above mentioned tips and tricks can make your countertop cleaning process simple and trouble free. You can apply same method for cleaning the bathroom granite countertops. However, bathroom countertops do not require frequent cleaning as they rarely get stained.

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How to Determine Whether Granite Countertops Are Right for You


Whenever homeowners think about bathroom and kitchen countertop replacement, granite is probably the first name which pops up in their mind. But why? Why granite countertops are so popular? Why granite counters are apt for both kitchens and bathrooms? Why any other material cannot compete with granite? Well, it is because of the fact that granite has become the prototype for countertops. Though, in reality, granite countertop is not for everyone!!

Granite countertops

Undoubtedly, granite can make your kitchen or bathroom look luxurious but look is not everything. While choosing countertop material, you should consider your needs and requirements first and then run after look. The below mentioned things can help you in deciding whether granite is ideal countertop material for your kitchen and bathroom or not:

Fitting Granite into Your Budget

The very first thing that you need to analyze is whether granite countertop fit into your budget or not? Granite countertops are among most expensive countertops that you can buy. It is because of fact that granite countertops are made up of natural stone and have natural luster. Thus, before finalizing granite, make sure that you can afford it.

Does Granite Match with the Style of Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Every homeowner has different aesthetic sense and thus, their kitchens and bathrooms have distinct décor. Instead of going with trends, do some research and try to understand whether granite will go with your existing décor or not! You can also take suggestion from your bathroom or kitchen contractor. Your contractor will help you in choosing apt countertop material, as granite is not the only countertop material available in the market. The countertop materials like marble, siltstone, quartz, tile, wood etc. also have great features.

Usability of countertop surface

It is important to consider usability of countertop before finalizing any countertop material. Check whether granite can bear daily wear and tear of your kitchen and bathroom. Also, look for maintenance and cleaning requirement, because granite kitchen countertops require frequent sealing.

So, these are some important aspects which you need to consider before finalizing granite or any other countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom.


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What Is the Best Material to Use for a Bathroom Vanity?

bathroom countertop

Bathroom vanity countertops should play the double role of being heavy-duty and capable of standing up to soap, water and cosmetics. As the work surface of bathroom vanity top has to bear routine rush, there is no place for porous or delicate bathroom vanity material.

Choosing bathroom vanity countertop materials

There are many bathroom vanity materials available in the market. These countertop materials not only look beautiful but are very much durable also. You can find so many colors, textures and patterns choices in the bathroom vanity materials. The bathroom vanity material you choose depends largely on your taste and budget. Have a quick glance over various bathroom vanity materials:

Granite Vanity

Granite is the favorite countertop material all around the world. People choose granite countertops for kitchen counter. However, granite can also be an incredible choice for bathroom vanities. In order to get flawless services from the granite countertops, you should consider sealing before using.

Marble Vanity

Marble is the ultimate choice for bathroom countertop. White marble vanities provide a soft look to bathroom décor. Maximum numbers of homeowners choose marble for their bathroom vanities. It is because of unmatched beauty provided by the lush marble. Although marble vanities stain easily, it is easy to clean the staining. Marble countertops are cheaper as compared to granite countertops.

Quartz Vanity

Quartz is the durable and low maintenance choice available for the bathroom vanities. The solid surface of quartz provides comfortable work area. Quartz posses scratch resistant quality. It means they can maintain their sheen and shine for a good number of years to come. The cost of quartz countertops is approximately equal to the granite countertops.

Tile Vanity

Tile vanity is the cheaper option available to homeowners. These vanities do not provide the plush look and feel as granite, marble and quartz but they can provide long lasting services.

Wood Vanity

If you desire to own a luxury bathroom, then you should totally opt for wood vanities. To use wood as vanity material, sealing is required.

So, these are some popular bathroom vanity material trending these days. To know more about bathroom vanities, you can consult your bathroom contractor or remodeler.

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A Valuable Guide to kitchen remodeling

kitchen countertop

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms for house. Every homeowner desires to have a beautiful, comfortable, spacious, ventilated and clean kitchen. If you are one of that homeowner who is not happy with their present kitchen, then kitchen remodeling option is open for you. Through remodeling, you can modify your kitchen according to your needs and requirements.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen remodeling is an effective step for increasing the value of the kitchen but careful planning is needed to get the desired kitchen. Pay attention over planning before beginning your kitchen remodeling project. Check out the home improvement magazines, internet and neighborhood to get knowledge about latest kitchen remodeling trends. The more research you do, the better results you get. The below mentioned kitchen remodeling tips will help you in planning your kitchen remodeling:

  • Try to utilize entire kitchen space in the efficient manner.
  • Maximize cabinet area by selecting taller cabinets.
  • Install a pantry if you already have.
  • Choose energy efficient kitchen appliances.
  • Take kitchen ventilation seriously.
  • Opt for latest furniture design.
  • Hire a kitchen remodeling contractor
  • Change kitchen countertop, plumbing fixture, flooring, paint etc.

Hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor

Kitchen remodeling is a big project. Even if you or your friends have knowledge of carpentry or remodeling, you cannot accomplish the entire kitchen remodeling work on your own. The kitchen remodeling contractors have knowledge about the each and every aspect of kitchen remodeling. They are also aware about latest remodeling trends. By analyzing your kitchen they can suggest you the best pattern for remodeling.

When you look for kitchen contractor, you can find many eligible contractors who are agile to work for you. But you will have to opt for the best kitchen contractor to tackle your kitchen remodeling project. In order to find the best kitchen contractor, you should follow below mentioned steps:

  • Consult several contractors and understand their work as well as working style.
  • Look for referrals. Ask your friends, relatives and neighbor about the kitchen contractors working in your area.
  • Check out the previous work done by the contractors. Their previous work will let you know about their capabilities and working style.


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Marble Countertops: Yes, they’re great!

Kitchen countertops

Everyone loves the white marble countertops. They look elegant, bright and add character to kitchen decor. Marble can also be one of the cheapest countertop options available to you if your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling budget is limited.

Guide to marble countertops

Marble countertops are considered great for bathrooms, fireplace surrounds and other locations which do not require heavy duty use. However, with proper maintenance, it is possible to use the marble countertops in kitchen as well. Let’s take a look at pros and cons of the marble countertop.

Marble countertops offer spectacular beauty

The main reason why marble countertops always remain in demand is there spectacular beauty. No matter in which corner you install marble countertops in your house, they will always look good. This stone comes with the wonderful display of color, which change the entire look and feel of the space.

Marble countertops can bear heat

The biggest misconception people have regarding marble countertop installation is that they are not apt for kitchen because they cannot bear the heat. But marble posses heat resistant property. It can withstand the hot pan and pot.

Marble countertops are easy to clean

From maintenance point of view, marble countertops are really very good. Marble countertops are very easy to clean. Just wipe it with wet cloth and you will get scintillating countertop surface. No extra effort is required to maintain the white surface of the marble countertop.

Concerns about marble countertops

The very first reason why marble countertop installations are not recommended for kitchen is there porosity. Marble is more porous than granite. It quickly absorbs liquid; it means marble countertop can readily absorb oil, wine, juice and other spills. Thus, if liquid spills are not cleaned on time, they can create permanent stain. Even, you will have to be cautious in bathroom with nail polish, liquid soaps, nail remover etc. Fortunately, sealing is available to homeowners to maintain the long lasting white beauty of the marble countertop.

So, these are the pros and cons to the marble countertops. They are beautiful countertop option available for bathroom vanities and kitchen counter. You should always consider hiring a reputable and trustworthy contractor for marble countertop installation.

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How to Plan and Budget for a Kitchen Renovation

granite countertop care

A kitchen renovation is daunting as well as exciting project. Deciding what you want in your new kitchen isn’t easy but planning for new kitchen is FUN. Evaluating the scope of kitchen remodeling project is the ideal thing to do when you start forming the kitchen remodeling budget.

Budgeting for Your Kitchen Remodel

Setting and staying within kitchen remodeling budget may sound obvious but it is not as simple as you think. Before touching the calculator, do market research. Find out what is available in the market and at which rate. Visit shops, read home improvement magazines, check out trade shows and browse online resources. And then prepare your ideal kitchen wish list with price tags.

It is not possible to confine the kitchen remodeling budget without conducting the market research. Real price of kitchen items may be different from your anticipated price. You may have planned about replacing kitchen appliances, floor, furniture, paint, countertop, lights and plumbing system, but if your budget does not allow you to replace all these things, you either have to increase your budget or compromise over a few things! The more research you do before making the final kitchen remodeling budget, the less likely you will have to change your plan.

Make a list of kitchen renovation priorities

It is important to prioritize your priorities. What is more important? New kitchen appliances or new furniture or new kitchen countertop installation? Note down your priorities. Just in case, if any unexpected expenses eat your budget, you will still get the top things of your list done.

When setting your priorities, think what impact the little renovations will make on your life. You should think about functionality over design. For example- It is more important to get leaky faucets fixed than getting a fully functioning chimney replaced.

Final words-

Kitchen renovation is the big investment. Thus, you should only hire an experienced kitchen contractor for your kitchen renovation work. Smart kitchen contractors know how to renovate the kitchen within limited budget. You can even take recommendations of a kitchen contractor for deciding the best kitchen remodeling budget.

Enjoy Your New Kitchen!         

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Add More Value to Your Home

bathroom countertop

For any bathroom renovation project, it is vital to find a balance between what you want and what your budget is. Although everything about new bathroom may sound exciting, it is important to stick on the bathroom remodeling budget and plan accordingly.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a big project. It requires a lot of money and skills to adequately renovate a bathroom. Thus, you should always consider hiring the best bathroom remodeler for this work. A bathroom remodeler will not only provide comfort and personal touch to your new bathroom design but also add amenities, fixtures and luxury which you ever wanted.

Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

Upgrade bathroom vanity

A new bathroom vanity can change entire look and feel of your bathroom. Even if your existing vanity is not cracked, abraded or broken, you should still consider bathroom vanity replacement. Nowadays, oodles of vanity materials are available in the market which looks beyond luxury.

Add Storage Space

For ease and comfort it is important to add storage space in the bathroom. You can utilize this space of storing bathroom things like soap, shampoos, body wash, towels, bathroom slippers etc. Without any storage spaces, these stuff will crumble here and there in your bathroom.

Change Fixtures and Hardware

Replacement of fixture and hardware will be the most costly upgrade. And important though. Change your wash basin, bathtub, shower, mirror, handles etc. You will find many new designs in the market. Opt for best stuff according to your choice and budget. Yes, do not forget to check and replace the plumbing system.


Finally get rid of your abraded and slippery bathroom floor. Opt for good flooring material and adorn your bathroom in the best possible manner.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is like cherry on top. Many homeowners do not include painting in their bathroom renovation project. A fresh coat of paint will eradicate moisture, mites and mold of your old bathroom and gift you a scintillating new bathroom.

So, these are some important consideration for bathroom remodeling project. You should discuss these aspects of bathroom remodeling with your bathroom designers.

ENJOY your new bathroom!

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Is It Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

kitchen countertop replacement

Many homeowners consider kitchen remodeling when their kitchen furniture gets worn, their appliances need replacement or their countertops get broken. However, there are many important reasons to opt for kitchen remodeling.

Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Adequate space

Does existing kitchen cabinet space is sufficient for you? Is your kitchen area is enough for arranging kitchen furniture, utensils, appliances and other stuffs? Are you comfortable while working in your own kitchen? If NO, then you should opt for kitchen remodeling. Properly remodeled kitchen can increase your storage area.


Kitchen functionality is important thing to consider for making the best use of your kitchen. You might not feel comfortable while working in your old kitchen. But with the help of modern furniture and appliances it is possible to increase the functionality of the kitchen. Remodeling can make your kitchen more functional and you will certainly start enjoying spending time in your own kitchen.

Energy Savings

By replacing your outdated refrigerator, dishwasher and lightings with modern energy efficient appliances, you could probably save a considerable amount of money on your energy bills. Also, transforming your retro style kitchen environment into 21st century kitchen is a good reason for considering kitchen renovation.

Increase Value of Your Property

Kitchen is the heart of house. In order to impress buyers, it is really very important that your kitchen is up to date. The investment you make in kitchen remodeling can give you good returns.

For Improvement

The anomalies like cracked kitchen countertop, abraded floor, leaky pipe, poor lighting etc. create a lot of inconvenience while working in the kitchen. Repair and replacement work of all these can give a great ease to your life. Thus kitchen remodeling will not only enhance the look of your kitchen but also improvise the way you feel in it.

Important Considerations When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

When you think about kitchen remodeling, make a systematic list of all major and minor problems of your kitchen. Plan out what you want and don’t want in your new kitchen. And always consider hiring the best kitchen remodeler. Many things of kitchen remodeling project depend on the kitchen remodeler.

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What Choices Are Available for a New Bathroom Countertop?

bathroom countertop

Now, if you have decided to install a new bathroom countertop, there is no shortage of countertop material options available to choose from. In fact, because of availability of so many different materials, it has become a little stressful to narrow down the search.

New bathroom countertop installation

It is significant to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with the countertop, before it gets installed in the bathroom. Right bathroom countertop material selection is an important consideration for entire bathroom remodeling project. Since there are oodles of choices available to you, the most appropriate manner of deciding which one is correct material for your bathroom is analyzing each and every category of countertops:

Granite Countertops

Granite is not only a perfect kitchen countertop material but it can also look totally stunning in bathrooms. Mix of colors is specialty of granite, which scintillate the bathroom. Granite is a durable, strain resistant, low maintenance and beautiful material. Thus, it can become an ideal bathroom countertop material. However, the only drawback of granite is you will need to seal it on a regular basis.

Tile Countertops

Tile is another beautiful material to consider for bathroom countertops. Tile is the most tempting bathroom countertop material from the price point of view. Well, tile countertops look incredibly good, they are easy to clean and do not require to be sealed. However, tile is not as durable as granite.

Marble Countertops

Marble is also a popular choice in bathroom countertop material. As compared to kitchens, marble is more apt for bathrooms. Beautiful marble can adorn the bathroom décor in the best possible manner. Marble is not prone to scratches as well. It is easy to clean and it offers long lasting services. Thus, marble can be ultimate choice for bathroom vanity counter.

Acrylic Countertops

Since Acrylic is easy to clean material as well as does not get stained easily, many homeowners prefer it for bathroom countertops. Another specialty of Acrylic countertops is that they come in plenty of color options.

So, these are popular bathroom vanity materials available in the market. You can opt for one according to your specifications and budget.

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