7 exclusive ideas to transform your bathroom

Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

When it comes to remodeling their bathroom, many people find it intimidating. However, the fact is that bathroom renovation is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your property, without draining your entire fortune. In fact, it will also improve your overall living experience and satisfaction, if you do it in the right way. In case you are running short of low-cost renovation ideas, here are some exclusive bathroom remodeling ideas for your residence.

Minimalist ideas for achieving an elegant look:

If you prefer minimalist designs, then you can play with the white background and match your vanities, mirror and the wall tiles. Use the Silestone countertops and the mosaic backslash tiles to comply with the marble flooring. Add the final touch with the nickel fixtures.

Try experimenting with quirky tiles:

If you love a funky background, then try out mixing and matching tiles in the zigzag pattern. Increase the depth of the floor by using the monochromatic tiles, with patches of gray to break the pattern. Place a dark vanity, with matching accessories and a final touch up with bronze fixtures.

Curtail your budget with bold wallpapers:

If you want to change the wall styling, but do not want to invest in the expensive backsplash tiles, then you may try out the bold wallpapers to complement the lightly shaded vanity. Use chrome fixtures, to accentuate the beauty.

Get the rustic look of the flooring:

If you are planning to change the bathroom tiles, you must try out the rustic wood-look tile flooring. Choose matching vanity and bronze fixtures to complement them.

The freestanding tub with wall-mounted vanities for the illusion of space:

If you have limited space in your bathroom, you can try out installing the freestanding bathtubs. The wall-mounted vanity also saves a lot of space and makes it eye-soothing. Use ceramic tile flooring and marble countertops, to create a statement piece with your tub.

Lighting fixtures can create huge difference:

Depending on your preference, you may opt to lit your bathroom dimly or in an exotic way. If you have a marble flooring, white tiles and matching vanity, you need to worry no more about lights. But, if you are using the rustic wooden tiles, granite countertops or the patterned backsplash tiles, then you may consider the option of placing the lights on either side of the bathroom mirror for the sophisticated appearance.

Have you tried the ‘go-green’ theme?

Use a vertical molding to increase the depth of your bathroom. Paint the walls green, to create the illusion of higher ceilings. Use dark vanity, if you have a bamboo surfaced countertops and couple it with brushed nickel fixtures to ensure a taste of greenery in your bathroom.


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Why granite countertops are your best option for the kitchen?

granite kitchen countertops

Using granite kitchen countertops may be the next best thing for your kitchen. Not only are they good to look at, but are also extremely hard and sturdy. Using steel and wooden materials these days has become the norm and that should give you adequate reason to look for other options.

Six reasons why you should consider granite countertops for your home:

While there may be some reasons granite countertops find so many critics, there are several reasons why incorporating it in your kitchen will work for you.

  • Appealing – It is extremely good to look at and with the right type of surroundings and aesthetics, your kitchen will sparkle with an unparalleled radiance. There are several layouts and designs that you can choose from.
  • Longevity – One of the biggest advantages when it comes to using granite countertops is the durability. Needless to say, it can withstand all weathers conditions as well as the heat and cold from the various elements that are there in the kitchen.
  • Upkeep – As far as maintenance is concerned, there is very little you will have to do. Basic cleanliness using soap and water will do the trick for you. Also, frequent cleaning won’t cause any harm to it so you can give it a rub as frequently as you like.
  • OptionsGranite countertops provide adequate scope for improvisation since they come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. Mix and match it in any way that you would like in order to brighten up your kitchen.
  • Distinctive – Since granite comes in dynamic shapes and sizes, it is safe to say that your kitchen will have a unique and distinct look as compared to others who use mundane materials.
  • Pocket-friendly – A big reason why you should choose granite countertops is because they are extremely light on the wallet.

Remodel your kitchen anytime without former planning

The versatility of the granite kitchen countertop is  that it can be used in a variety of settings. They blend in with almost any surroundings. Usually, any other material that is used for a countertop requires quite a bit of planning.
From the above mentioned points, it may be safe to say that granite countertop installers are the most affordable and trendy way for you to design your kitchen. The longevity of it and the minimum effort required for its upkeep make it a feasible investment in the long run. Granite countertops should be your go—to choice for your kitchen needs.

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All About Silestone Countertops

granite kitchen countertops

When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, silestone countertops are one of the countertop options that you can go with. The units are made from quartz which is one of the hardest natural materials. This feature makes the countertops tough and durable. Since they are hard, they are resistant to scorch and scratches.

Other pros of silestone countertops

In addition to the above advantages, the countertops are also known to be non-porous. This makes them resistant to stains as foods and liquids can’t penetrate below their surface. It’s common for bacteria to grown in bathrooms and kitchens. Since the countertops come with in-built antimicrobials, they are able to prevent bacteria growth.

The reason why you are installing bathroom or kitchen countertops is because you want your kitchen or bathroom to look beautiful. These countertops are elegant looking; therefore, when you install them you greatly improve the look of the room you install them.

Since the units are naturally non-porous you don’t have to seal them. This saves you the time and money that you would have spent doing the work. While the units are tough and elegant looking, they have their fair share of negatives. One of the negatives is that they are expensive to purchase when compared to laminate or granite countertops. When they break, they are not easy to repair compared to their Corian countertops.

How to clean the countertops

One of the basic things that you have to do to keep your countertops in good condition is regularly cleaning them. The best way of cleaning silestone is using soap and water. To give them a cleaner look it’s wise that you use a cleaner. While the material is tough thus you can use any chemical to clean it, it’s wise that you reduce the chances of damaging it by using a mild cleaner. To avoid chipping the surface you should avoid using scouring pads.

After washing the surface rinse it thoroughly using a dry cloth and paper towel. As rule of thumb never allow soap, water or any chemical to stand on the surface as it will result to ugly spots, film or streaks.


This is what you need to know about silistone. For it to last for long you need to take good care of it. In addition to cleaning it regularly you also need to avoid placing hot cooking pots directly on it. During installation, ensure that the countertop is installed by a professional countertop contractor raleigh nc.

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Benefits And Care Of Marble Countertops

best kitchen countertop contractor

Marble countertops are common in kitchens. They are one of the most expensive countertops in the market, but at the same time they are one of the most durable. According to experts, when you take good care of them they can last for up to 100 years.

They come in different colors and hues where the color of the stone is determined by the area it was mined. If you are undertaking kitchen remodeling these are the countertops to go for.

Benefits of marble countertops

There are many benefits that come with the countertops. Some of these benefits include:

Beauty: as mentioned, the countertops come in different natural colors that you can choose from. In addition to this, these countertops have the ability of blending with different textures such as natural wood finishes.

Heat resistance: since they are made from stone, the countertops can’t burn or catch fire. While this is the case, they can be easily damaged by hot items placed directly on them. To protect your countertops it’s highly recommended that you place a mat on their surface.

In addition to being heat and fire resistant, the units are also resistant to cracks, breakage, and scratches.

Guide on how to take care of the countertops

For the countertops to last for a long time you should take good care of them. There are many ways in which you can do it:

Installation: care should start at the installation phase. You should ensure that they are installed by an experienced professional. The kitchen contractor you hire should not only be a kitchen professional, he/she should also be a marble countertop expert. This way you will have confidence that the units have been installed properly.

Cleaning: for the units to retain their elegant look you need to clean them often. When cleaning you should note that dirt materials tend to scour the surfaces; therefore, you should take a lot of care. To remove the dirt you should softly wipe the surface using a damp cloth. Remember that a lot of pressure will scratch the surface instead of removing dirt.

Sealing: while marble countertops NC are tough and withstand heat, they tend to stain easily. You should protect them from stains by applying a sealant on a regular basis.


Marble countertops are a great choice in your kitchen remodeling projects. For ideal results you should have them installed by a professional kitchen remodeler. You should also buy them from a reputable store.

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How Did Granite Become The Kitchen Counter Standard?

soild surface countertops

Granite countertops are in trend for a decade, but now it granite has become the standard for evaluating the quality of kitchen countertop. Every home improvement magazine recommends granite for kitchen countertop. Despite of being more expensive than other countertop material, granite successfully maintain its number one position as kitchen countertop. But why granite is so popular? Why homeowners are crazy for granite countertops? Why every remodeler uses granite countertop? Well, because granite has all the qualities that a kitchen countertop material should have. It is ultimate choice for kitchens as well as bathroom countertop.

Reasons behind popularity of granite countertops

Granite is a beautiful material. It has the natural stone look, which aggrandizes the beauty of any kitchen décor. It is suitable for traditional as well as contemporary kitchens. The beautiful stone goes with every type of kitchen furniture.

Granite countertops are available in variety of textures. Every granite slab is different from another. It is not possible to find granite slabs that match with other.

Granite countertop can remain beautiful for years. You just need to pay attention over granite sealing. Once sealing is done, your countertop will retain its original sheen and shine. The sealed surface will be as good as new.

Granite countertops are not prone to scratches. You can easily use knifes and spoons on the granite. This surface does not get wear off. Even if your granite countertop develops scratches, you can opt for sealing to get rid of them.

First, granite surface does not get stained easily. And second, granite countertops are really very easy to clean. You can clean the surface with just wet cloth. The spills won’t get glued up on the granite.

Granite has amazing heat resistant qualities. You can put hot baking utensils, pans and pots on the granite countertop without worrying about the consequences. This is one of the primary reasons why granite countertop is a popular choice for kitchen countertop.

Granite countertops are quite expensive. However, the price of granite countertop varies from contractor to contractor. You need to find the right granite countertop contractor to purchase the countertop at the best price. It is better to look for the contractor who profile transportation and installation services as well.

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Silestone Countertops – Benefits Of Installing Silestone

kitchen countertop

Silestone countertops are getting popular among homeowners. This material offers benefits that no other countertop material can offer. That’s why it is becoming the top selling quartz countertop option. There are plenty of countertop materials available on the market, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Homeowners seek the countertop material with maximum perks. And nowadays silestone is fulfilling the needs and requirements of the modern kitchen. If you are looking for a new countertop material, then check out the below mentioned benefits of silestone countertops.

Clean and Safe

Silestone countertop is very easy to clean. Their biggest sales pitch is that are a clean and safe alternative for your kitchen. It is true that when compared to other countertop options, silestone countertops can be cleaned with soap water and clothes. You need not have to spend hours in cleaning the spills and stains.

Anti-microbial Protection

Silestone countertops come with the anti-microbial protection. It is one of the most desired features homeowners look in the kitchen countertop material, because they want their cooking surface to be as hygienic as possible. Silestone’s anti-microbial properties make it an apt choice for kitchen countertop.

Eco friendly

Silestone is one of the most eco-friendly materials. It is made from quartz which is natural stone and available in abundance. This material does not harm the environment during manufacturing process as well. If you like using environmentally friendly items, then silestone countertop can be best for you.

Plenty of color choices

Silestone countertops are available in plenty of color choices including but not limited to black, grey, green and brown. You can easily find the countertop matching exactly with the color of your kitchen cabinets. Also, silestone countertops are available in plenty of textures as well.

Many more uses

Silestone is an amazing material. Apart from kitchen countertop, it can be used for making floors and staircases. If you want you can match your countertop with the existing décor of your house.

It is important to understand that not all silestone countertops are same. You need to do some market research to find the best quality. Explore various countertop options, compare their pros and cons, and then invest on the right one.

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Quartz vs. Granite Countertops: The Complete Rundown

soild surface countertops

When you plan about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, choosing right countertop becomes one of the most important tasks. Because of availability of plenty of countertop materials, it is not easy to choose the one. Among so many available options, granite and quartz countertops are the most popular ones. Both materials have their own pros and cons, which makes it even more difficult for homeowners to choose the one. Granite provides bold look to kitchens and bathrooms, while Quartz adorn the beauty of kitchens and bathrooms. There are so many assumptions and delusions floating around about quartz and granite. Vie between Granite and Quartz countertops can be seen ad natural stone countertops verses manmade countertops.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is a manmade countertop material. It is made from a mineral which is available in abundance on planet. The countertops contain 90 % of crushed quartz resins and 10 % of resin binders.  As it is 100 % synthetic product, Quartz countertops are available in plenty of patterns and colors. This provides you a lot of options to choose from.

The best thing about the quartz countertops is that they look like natural stone countertops. The finished stone seems to be rich. It is easy to find the quartz countertop that matches with your kitchen décor.

Many homeowners prefer quartz countertops because it is a low-maintenance material. Quartz countertops can handle stains of tomato, oil, wine, juice, coffee and many more stainable products. And quartz does not hold germs, so you your countertops will be clean after just one wipe.

If Quartz and Granite countertops are compared in terms of beauty, Granite wins. The granite countertops have that natural stone appeal. On the other hand, Quartz countertops look like imitation of granite.

Granite countertops

Granite countertops are made from 100 % natural stone. Each granite slab is different from other. These countertops provide rich and royal look to every kitchen. Every homeowner welcomes granite countertop with alacrity.

The best thing about the Granite countertop is it can ameliorate the look and feel of any place where it is installed. This countertop material is suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms. This countertop can withstand stains, scratches etc.

There are two drawbacks of Granite countertop –it is expensive and it requires annual sealing. Yes, granite countertops are one of the most expensive countertop materials. And this material requires annual sealing to maintain its shine.

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Spectacular Custom Kitchen Island Ideas

fabricated granite countertops

Kitchen island is one of the most important things to consider when renovating the kitchen. It plays both functional and aesthetic role. The kitchen island top creates the final look and feel of the kitchen. Your kitchen renovation will not be complete without replacing the old kitchen island from the new one.

Significance of kitchen island

The kitchen island is the most important feature of the kitchen. It is a usual gathering spot for breakfast when everyone has to rush to their own busy days. It also provides plenty of functionality to a kitchen by adding workspace and storage. Taking its central position in the kitchen into consideration, it is worth investing time and money to have the best kitchen island.

Choosing the right kitchen island

The very first thing that you should consider while selecting your kitchen island is size. In order to install the right-sized kitchen island, you need to keep the size of your kitchen in mind. The size of kitchen island should be directly proportional to the size of kitchen. If you have a big kitchen, you are free to play with various designs and sizes. For smaller kitchens, the kitchen island needs to be compact.  When selecting the size of the kitchen island, consider how the functionality of your kitchen will be affected by it.

The secret to getting the right size is planning. Discuss with your kitchen contractor and look for a perfectly sized kitchen island.

The second thing you need to consider is storage. A kitchen island is an amazing way of adding more storage to your kitchen. There are plenty of ways of incorporating storage into your kitchen island from contemporary drawers to traditional cabinets to creative open shelving.

The last but important aspect of kitchen island planning is kitchen island countertop. It is very important to select the right countertop material to get the desired look and feel. There is plenty of kitchen island countertop material available on the market to choose from. You need to opt for material that not only looks good, but also capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. In order to choose the right countertop material, sit down with your kitchen countertop contractor and discuss the nitty-gritty of your project. A professional can recommend you the best countertop.

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Avoid these mistakes while selecting bathroom vanity tops

Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

Homeowners do not pay a lot of attention when it comes to selecting the bathroom vanity top. Then end up with the wrong vanity material and regret later. Bathroom vanity top is as much as important as kitchen countertops. It is important to pay attention over material, style, design and color of the vanity top before installing it on your bathroom vanity. One small mistake can ruin the overall look and feel of your beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom vanity top mistakes

Not paying attention over size: Bathroom vanity size should be an important consideration while purchasing the one. If size is not chosen properly, it will look too big in the bathroom and cover a lot of area. Plus, it is create inconvenience in using the bathroom vanity in the small area.

Not paying attention over bathroom vanity top shape: Bathroom vanity top shape is an important consideration. You should pay special attention over the vanity top shape. It is possible to provide a touch of style by choosing a stylish shape. Modern vanity tops comes in a lot of stylish shapes.

-Selecting random color: The vanity top should match with the entire decor of your bathroom. If you install vanity top of any random color, it will look odd. Modern countertops are available in variety of colors and textures.

-Selecting the wrong countertop material: Bathroom vanity top material is the most important thing that you should consider while selecting the vanity top material. The vanity tops are available in a lot of materials such as –granite, marble, quartz, silestone, tile etc. Different countertop materials have different qualities. Some materials are heat resistant, some are scratch resistant, some are stain resistant and so on. The countertop material, you should select should be capable of coping up with the day to day activities of your bathroom.

-Purchasing overpriced countertop: A lot of contractors and companies are selling bathroom vanity tops at different prices. Along with the quality, you need to consider the price of the countertop before investing your fortune. Compare the price of the same material with different bathroom vanity top contractors, and then finalize the one who is offering the best quality at the best price. It is possible to save a lot of money by choosing the right contractor.

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Silestone Countertops: The Pros and Cons

granite kitchen countertops

Selecting the best countertop material for your bathroom or kitchen is a complicated task.   Finalizing the ideal countertop with all of the options available on the market (like marble, granite, glass, steel, bamboo, faux-granite etc.) is a big challenge. Among all countertop materials, silestone countertops are popping out as the popular countertop material choice because of its stain resistant quality. Silestone is a manmade countertop material. It is manufactured from quartz. This countertop comes in oodles of color tones, finishes and styles for kitchen and bathroom treatments, matching many home styles.

Silestone Overview

Silestone is made from quartz crystals. Quartz is already a popular material for manufacturing of sinks, shower trays, floors, wall cladding and countertops. Silestone has inherited a lot of qualities of quartz.

Silestone is durable and non-porous in nature. This material is hard and resistant to stains, scratches and bacteria. Silestone countertops are easy to maintain and customize. You can achieve a high-end finish without the providing high-end maintenance. Many existing users of quartz countertops are opting for silestone countertops for their bathrooms and kitchens.

Silestone countertops for kitchens

Kitchen is the heart of home. You want your kitchen to not only look good, but working inside the kitchen should be easy. And kitchen countertop plays an important role in the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Silestone can be a good choice for kitchen countertop surface.

No matter what is the size and shape of your kitchen, there is a Silestone countertop for you. Your countertop, floors, sink and even walls can be made with Silestone. No space is too big or too small. Silestone countertop can enhance the beauty of your kitchen and make the countertop as the focal point of the kitchen.

Silestone countertops are available in a lot of contemporary designs that provide modern look and feel to your kitchen.  You can select color, design, shape and size as per your needs and requirements.

Silestone countertops for bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, silestone is not as popular as it is popular for kitchens. Still, many homeowners prefer silestone for bathroom vanity top installation. It is mainly because of availability of this material in oodles of colors and designs. It enhances the beauty of bathroom décor as well. If you want to make your bathroom look fancy, you can also opt for the silestone countertop.

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